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Powerful Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness

If you want customers to recognize and remember your business? This is what brand awareness is for. The greater it is, the bigger your audience. It makes your customers familiar with what you have to say and promote.

If people trust your brand, it is more likely that they will choose your products over others. Increasing your awareness means broadening your target audience and gaining potential buyers. This is useful for market research or for your decision-making process, to improve your product.

Since people spend more and more time online. So the Internet is the first place you should look to increase your brand awareness. With digital marketing, you can reach potential customers no matter where they are. There are many online opportunities that you can use to make your brand recognizable.

How to Build Online Brand Awareness

Before we look into increasing your brand awareness, you need to make sure people know about you. There are a few main ways of creating your online brand awareness that you should be aware of. If you check most of the boxes then you’re surely doing things right!

Guest Blog

Guest blog to collaborate & increase your brand awareness & presence.

Most brands have their blogs to keep their online audience engaged. This is an opportunity for your brand as well. It costs you nothing but time, but guest posting can prove to be very valuable.

Guest posting is a nice way of building organic links—a link from someone else’s blog to your website. Yet, to make this work, you will need to provide valuable, well-designed content. If you provide high-quality and impressive content, you open the gate to a new audience.

To guest post, you need to do some research. Look for blogs in your domain, check for industry keywords, and see what people want to read. Check each website that you found—to make sure that you can provide suitable content. Brainstorm some ideas and send an email! Be aware of how you write your emails, you should sound professional and know how to end an email on a high note.

Create Shareable Infographics

We all know that shares are beneficial for your social media presence. It’s another way of getting seen by people that don’t already follow you and of building organic reach.

An infographic is known to be one of the most shared content formats. It engages people visually, it’s easily digested and usually more fun than a regular article. People process images faster than plain text. So infographics will lead to more audience engagement.

Take Advantage of SEO 

Effective investment in SEO to maximise brand awareness.

This is vital if you want people to find your website. You can use SEO to make search engines your friend, rather than foe. To take advantage of this, try to look for keywords in your business’ domain. To raise your brand awareness, you should focus on informational keywords and try to include those in your content.

Try to use your keywords wisely—put them in headlines, image titles, the body of the article. The greater the number of mentions, the easier it will be for the search engine to showcase your post—theoretically. However, you should be mindful of how you use them. Incorporate them in such a way that they add value to your content.

Start Referral Programs

This is another great way of building your online brand awareness that many companies already use. By doing this, you let your loyal customers be your promoters. Most people tend to trust suggestions from their friends and family more than any other source.

Referral programs are also a way of encouraging bloggers and content creators to check and promote your products. Not only will this increase your reach but people will get information about you from a place they trust.

Engage in Brand Partnerships

If you’re looking for a way to increase your brand awareness, this means that other people are doing the same. Starting partnerships with another brand brings 2 main benefits. It combines their reaches and builds trust among both of the audiences.

Creating a product together is even better than associating the names of two brands. It is a way of showcasing the best qualities both companies have—to a combined audience

How to Increase Brand Awareness

Social Media Ads

Ads that drive brand awareness & thus increase online presence for the ad.

(photo credits)

Everybody is on at least one social media platform. This makes social media a great place to exhibit your brand and your message. By running ads on social networks you can target people that could be interested in your brand. Or even find a new audience based on what they prefer or how they behave online.

Every social media platform has a certain type of audience and content. For instance, Facebook recommends using videos in your advertisements to engage more people. This means that you should try to create suitable content for each social platform. If you feel like this is too much for you, you can always get help making your creative ideas a reality.

Influencer Partnerships

Influencers can help you increase your brand awareness in two ways—they can either review your products or create content with you. Either way, partnerships with them can help you for a long time. They have an audience of their own that will be introduced to your brand.

Brand reviews are similar to guest posting, only it’s the other way around. You’ll have to find influencers relevant to your domain and pitch your ideas. If you find the right people, all you have to do is gift them the products you want to be reviewed and ask for their opinion.

Also, influencers know best what type of content their audience engages with. If you work with them, you’ll have the chance of creating high-quality content. Their followers will approve, your reach will increase.

Community Engagement

Join hands with the community to influence each others brand awareness & presence.

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The easiest way to do this is by sponsoring events. By doing this you will both support your community and get your product in front of a new audience. When you associate your name with an event, you raise your brand awareness by increasing your reach to the event’s supporters.

Also, giving back to the people is a nice way to say thank you. Being socially conscious and investing in your community can get you a long way. People will see you as more than just another brand. This will make them more likely to trust you and choose your products over others.

Associate your name with events that match the type of message that you’re trying to send to your audience. This will give your brand an aesthetic, more character, and a story to tell.

Tell a Story

Show the people that you’re more than just another brand. You’re an idea. A real thing that your customers can engage with. Telling a story makes you more human and builds trust between you and your audience.

Your narrative can be about anything, as long as it’s true and it promotes your values. It could be about how you created your brand, the idea that started it all. Or about your vision, and what you wish to change or improve in the world or community. It makes you more of a person, and less of a company.


This one is mostly applicable to online products. You can provide a limited free version of a product that people can use before they buy the real thing. This will let them get a feel of what benefits your product brings. Or if they need it.

You can also give out trial periods of your full product. By doing this, you will let your customers experience your product if they aren’t sure it is what they need yet. If they like it, they will also recommend it to their friends and family, as well as buy your product.

How to Measure Brand Awareness

So you’ve done everything you can to raise your brand awareness. But how do you know it worked? Well, there are a few signs to look for some methods to try. These are only a couple:

Direct Traffic and Site Traffic Numbers

Direct traffic lets you know how many people typed your URL directly. This will let you know how effective your marketing strategy is. People typing your URL means that they knew about your brand beforehand.

Site numbers simply reflect the overall traffic. This lets you know how many people are seeing your content and spending time on your website. Even if it doesn’t tell you where the views come from, it lets you know that people are aware of your brand,

Social Engagement

This is about your number of followers, shares, comments, or likes. It can tell you how many people know about your brand and engage with it. It’s also a good way of measuring how much of an impact your type of content has.

Running Surveys

Surveys are one of the most direct ways of getting feedback from your customers. It can help you see who knows about you and what they think about your brand. It’s a useful tool for both keeping informed but also for improving your product or content.

What to Take Away

Having brand awareness means people know about you. And if you want to survive as a company, you need your audience. And since we spend so much of our time online, it’s only natural that you try to increase your online brand awareness.

There are many ways of doing this, from building organic links to ads on social media and community engagement. Try to stay relevant to your target audience. Another important thing is to constantly measure the results of your marketing campaigns. This way you’ll know what you’re doing right and what needs to change.


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