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Event Spotlight | Rocketium at Martequity Awards and Summit’23

Team Rocketium had a day of fantastic brand interactions at the Martequity Awards and Summit ‘23 organized by ET Brand Equity. The event revolved around exploring innovations in the martech world, with specific focus on themes like generative AI, data strategy and email marketing. As one of the event sponsors, Rocketium hosted a booth at the event which saw high levels of energy and enthusiastic conversations with participants of the summit.

(From left: Kunal Sharma, Aaron Joseph, Karan Rao, Anurag Dwivedi, Shaleen Jha)

It was exciting to see a full house during the panel discussion on “Accelerating the Martech Game with Generative AI” where our co-founder Anurag Dwivedi spoke alongside senior leaders from Oppo, Snapdeal, Healthians, Vodafone and others.

As Anurag puts it, “Generative AI is not just a tool, but its power lies in plugging the gaps between processes, teams and technology.” When asked about how leveraging generative AI translates into real outcomes, Anurag went on to say, “There’s an element of Generative AI that companies know about which is boosting personal productivity. But what enterprises are looking for are applying all the strengths of generative AI in the context of the brand. They need custom solutions that also takes brand safety into consideration.”

Watch this video to hear more of what Anurag had to say

“The event had an interesting mix of brands, right from the traditional participants such as CPG and Banks to ecommerce and FMCG leaders, auto manufacturers, hospitals, hospitality chains and food processing companies like Bikanerwala. It was amazing to see such a large and diverse participation; the openness of brands to optimize their creative process specifically for the digital audience was outstanding,” says Kunal Sharma (Head of global sales, Rocketium).

“One key takeaway was that brands understand that the creative process that worked for offline audiences doesn’t necessarily work for digital audiences – thus the need for a newer way of working which is more agile, fast and can enable creative relevancy for them at scale. Moreover, brands were very interested in discovering that our offerings could help them drastically improve business outcomes,” says Kunal. 

Stay tuned for more event updates, partnership announcements and thought leadership content from Rocketium.

Suzanne Sangi

Suzanne Sangi

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