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Collaboration Meets Video Creation: Every Video Team’s Dream Come True

We recently updated the Rocketium video platform merging our core expertise in video creation with enhanced collaboration and workflow features. 

Truly a match made in heaven for video marketing teams.

Here’s why:

Picture 3

Rocketium is already the go-to platform for blazing fast video creation for in-house teams without major design experience.

When we pondered the challenges for scale, we did what all good marketers do: poked holes at how videos are created today.

👉 The biggest challenges of video creation

  1. Managing the productivity of teams that work on videos. The pain is 2X if these are remote teams.
  2. Research. What topics do I make videos on? What will my viewers like?
  3. Creating quality assets kills time and the motivation of the teams.
  4. Back and forth over email for reviews and corrections. 

We love challenges, well usually, but this one was such a home run for us since we were literally sitting on the solution.

Kanban + Video Creation + Rocketium = Effectiveness At Scale

Try Rocketium Now

Kanban (Read Trello) Style dashboards

A collaboration dashboard for the entire team to ideate, assign, create, manage, review and track completion end to end with an easy to use, drag and drop interface.

kanban style management for better collaboration

Kanban style management for better collaboration in Rocketium

Video Creation

Get your mind blown with the speed and ease it takes to create a video on Rocketium. Just pick a ready-made video template, add your content, and your video is ready.

Template topics are handpicked by video marketing experts. These are then made by an experienced team of dedicated designers.

Video templates are created based on video goals – brand awareness, lead generation, explainer/tutorial videos, and more!

The Rocketium Secret Sauce

1. Assigning videos

As simple as this

assign videos

How to assign videos to your teammates

2. Review and comment

Again, very simple.

real time video comments

Real time video comments in Rocketium

3. In-app messages

Instant notifications on your desktop, email or even slack. You can also do a lot more from Slack, like create a draft for your teammates, comment to videos and download a published video!

4. Activity logs and analytics

Activity logs and reports to track and manage team productivity, no matter where they are. 

activity log

Comprehensive video performance analytics and industry insights so you can do more of what is working for you.

advanced analytics

Scale. Quality. Management.

We’d love to hear from you

What do you think of our new update? Does this seem like something you would be interested in trying out? Let us know! Write to us or comment below👇

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