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20 effective ways to Increase Ecommerce Conversions

The last two years have been the most successful ones in the history of eCommerce & the average eCommerce conversions have hit a new high. In fact, according to statistics collected from recent surveys, the eCommerce industry is estimated to hit a phenomenal global revenue, accounting for $4.88 trillion by 2021.

But before we get into the hype of the eCommerce industry growing, we need to understand how to develop our own websites first. The reality is that conversions don’t happen by themselves. Your site needs to be optimized for successful eCommerce conversions and to drive more traffic.

Here are the top 20 ways you can drive successful eCommerce conversions on your website.

1. Use high-quality images and videos

Online shopping revolves around visuals as you cannot physically touch the product to see for yourself. It is why including a high-quality bunch of pictures would work well for your product site.

2. On-time shipping

Although shipping can account for a fair share of the cost; however, free shipment is almost a must nowadays. Customers expect certain shopping standards before purchasing stuff online, so disappointing them by applying shipping charges would work negatively.

3. Introduce discounts, sales voucher, and coupon codes

Customers love discount codes and coupons. Seasonal sales vouchers work best as they are great for both parties. Sites providing these vouchers get a great chance to increase seasonal sales, as well as the customers, get to enjoy great discounts on a holiday.

4. Price your product accordingly

Competitive and strategic pricing is one tactic that always pays off. One needs to understand the customer psychology and engagement intentions behind it to improve eCommerce conversions. And also check how the competitor brands have priced their products. Falling somewhere in between the two is the right way to do it.

5. Test your site’s checkout procedure

Customers don’t have time to sit around and shop online like they have a whole day to themselves. The entire concept of online shopping is based on that. Therefore, you must maintain a hassle-free checkout.

6. Incorporate live chat software

Any live chat software will correctly sync all your chats to the database and allow real-time conversations with the customer quickly and efficiently.

7. Broadcast your safety and accessibility

As much as you advertise and market your product or services, it is absolutely necessary to assure your customers that your website is safe to use. If your customers are doubtful of online payments or data leaking, they will never proceed with buying your products no matter how good they are.

8. Organize your product categories

Your home page should be different from the actual product offering page. And even then, the product offering page should be organized to make it easy for the customer to find a specific product under a particular domain or category. For example, if you are a customized clothing web store, one of your product categories would be Premium Jacket, among others like Jeans, T-shirts, etc.

9. Create a checkout form

A checkout form should be noticeable and easy to understand. It should be able to save the customer’s details one after the input, so it saves them the hassle of putting in details again the next time they visit.

10. Design a proper shopping cart experience

Include shopping cart software and ensure that the whole experience of adding or removing items from the shopping cart is smooth sailing and hassle-free for the customer.

11. Allow smooth checkout

Not all customers would want to sign up or have an account on your website. So it is better if you allow both options to be safe and not send of customers just because they had to sign up before checkout.

12. Write detailed and genuine product descriptions.

The online store has a con that people are highly dependent only on what they see and read unless they get their hands on a product sample or the actual product itself. Therefore, to convince them to buy your product, you must provide correct relevant details about your product right below the image so to fulfil its purpose.

13. Allow customer feedback and comments

Include a comment section underneath the product page so that customers have a platform to leave reviews and feedback about. Tackling negative reviews can be hard and even affect badly on your product repo, but not giving a platform for discussion at all is worse. Because then you will not know what to correct as a mistake if something goes wrong.

14. Add an excellent product return and refund policy

Provide a hassle-free and uncomplicated refund policy without making the customer feel that they will lose their money in refunds or product returns.

15. Give out contact details

Give your contact detail right on the home page, so it is easier to find and get you contacted.

16. Optimize your site for mobile devices

Nowadays, most of the online shopping happens on the go. Your website will suffer if it is not already optimized for voice search and mobile usage. Hence, make sure right at the development stages that you optimize your website for both personal computers as well as mobile devices.

17. Have a separate blogging section

Add a blogging section and drive traffic through keywords and search engine optimization.

18. Use Chatbots as plan B

Keep Chatbots as plan B so that if your live chat fails, you have a backup to keep your customers relaxed.

19. Always spellcheck

Spellcheck your website’s content, product descriptions, and basically everything that is present on the webpage. There is nothing worse than to lower your standards by wrong spelling and bad grammar.

20. A/B test all the possibilities

Last but not least, go back to the first step and after implementation review and recheck everything. Revisit your website like a customer and ensure everything from picking the products to shopping cart and checkout. Everything goes smoothly and hassle-free.


All in all, it can be said that increase conversion rate doesn’t just happen like a flick of magic. Reading the tactics above, you would have learned that it requires proper planning and organization. But once you master these, there is no stopping, and just maintaining them throughout the sales forecast would get the job done.

Melissa Calvert

Melissa Calvert

Melissa Calvert is currently working as a Marketing Strategist and Academic Writer at Crowd Writer, an excellent platform to write my essay. She maintains her own blogs online. Over time, her audience network has grown, who share her opinions and interests.
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