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April & May 2022

Be proud; be colourful; be fearless. Continue to create with the unbeatable passion that defines you. 🌈
We hope our new releases fuel the artist in you, here they are!

1. No Comments - this feature is perfect!

Why scramble to get feedback and reviews? Introducing Comments tab: Now you can pin your comments across the canvas, @mention collaborators across teams, give feedback, ask questions, set priority, iterate, and finalize. Enter comment mode from the right sidebar where you can accordingly view, manage, filter, and sort away.

2. Save time; simply drag and replace

Editing creatives in bulk can be such a drag – but not when you can literally drag and replace design elements! Replace the old element with a better one by simply hovering over the image you want to change. Want to add a new element instead? Just drag the image asset on your creative, and add it right away. It’s as easy as 1,2,3; even when making bulk edits.

3. Be your creative self despite the background noise

Removing backgrounds sure seems easy but do you really want to spend time doing that for every single image? With this feature, you don’t have to! Select multiple images, and remove the backgrounds for all of them with a simple right-click.

4. Let your shapes shine

Don’t let your design skills hide in the shadows! Choose a shape and control it's border-radius to your liking. Also, be fabulous and go drop shadows on them.