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2 Billion+ royalty-free stock images, and more

Access over 2 billion royalty-free stock images, video footage, and premium music tracks handpicked from Pexels, Pixabay, Wikimedia, Shutterstock, Lobster, and Soundstripe.

Easy video making through integrations with the biggest names in stock content

  • Enormous Stock Collection

    Access over 2 billion pieces of stock content, absolutely free. You can personalize videos and banners by using stock content - perfect for when you're missing creatives or looking for that perfect visual.

    • Keep your team focused on creating impactful videos while we attend to your stock content needs.
    • Integrations with major stock content platforms such as Unsplash, Shutterstock, Plexels, and more.
  • Ease of creation

    Easy navigation and the ability to search for the exact stock content you are looking for. Rocketium's DIY video creation Tool is so simple that anyone can add stock content to their videos in a few clicks!

    • Tons of features in our arsenal.
    • Make videos even with zero design experience.
    Explore Rocketium's DIY Video Creator
  • Add User Generated Content

    Want unique content made by social media users? Lobster Media sources the best User Generated Content (UGC) from multiple social platforms. Use these slick images to make videos that connect with your viewers directly from Rocketium!

    • License stock content directly from Rocketium
    • Deploy unique video content to make your videos stand out
    Learn more about the benefit of User Generated Content in your videos
  • Royalty-free background music

    Rocketium has partnered with Soundstripe so that you can use royalty-free background music in your videos! Choose from over 10,000+ high quality tracks.

    • Curated background tracks across 12 genres
    • Ability to preview music tracks and purchase as well
    Learn how to add Soundstripe tracks in Rocketium
  • Shutterstock Integration

    Tell your video story better with HD images from the biggest stock content provider on the internet. Simply log on to Rocketium, select the content you want and add to your video!

    • No watermarks.
    • Ability to save and edit stock images.

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