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On-brand content creation and management, at scale, with speed, every time.

Empowers cross-functional teams within an organization to centralize, manage, and collaborate on content and on-brand collaterals.

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Faster to market with on-brand creatives using design automation software

How Rocketium's design automation solution for enterprises work?

  • Brand compliant design with custom templates

    On-brand smart templates that auto-align and auto-adapt to generate images and videos at scale.

    • Use a pre-existing template or import files from Photoshop or After Effects.
    • Enable cross-functional teams with the non-design background to generate on-brand creatives at scale.
    • Create variants, adapts, and localize creatives using custom templates.
    Custom on-brand templates
  • Automate the visual creative production at scale

    Use internal structured data to convert it to creatives using spreadsheets, a form-based interface, and an API.

    • Convert google sheets inputs into creatives with a custom template and Rocketium plugin.
    • Dynamic creatives using custom templates and a form-like input interface.
    • Structured data to create high-quality images and videos automatically using Rocketium API.
    Automate the visual creative production for marketing
  • Dedicated workspace to manage multiple campaigns

    Manage projects from creation to publishing using fine-tuned, individual-level access control.

    • Unique workspace for every campaign with provision for admins to manage teams, roles, and user permissions.
    • Folder level access control to ensure secure access to brand guidelines and its compliance with creatives.
    • Easier role set up and collaboration with external stakeholders with communication enabled on email and slack.
    Role based access control
  • Ensure on-brand content with brand kit

    Uphold your brand's visual identity with a brand kit that includes brand guidelines, logos, font files, colors, and templates.

    • Set the brand color palette within the workspace to guide users to create on-brand creatives always.
    • Create your brand kit within Rocketium using custom templates that include visual assets, brand guidelines, etc.
    • Add gradient colors using comprehensive gradient color generation functionality.
    More power through brand-compliance
  • Define brand control with powerful media library

    Manage all the brand and visual assets from one single source of truth using the asset media library that defines the brand identity.

    • Create unique folders to include logos, font files, images, and animation files to be used in the visual assets.
    • Maintain versions of the assets in separate folders with relevant tags to filter and access instantly as per need.
    • Smart technology to remove white background from images and store them as .png files with transparent background.
    Asset management with media library
  • Collaborate with teams spread across the world

    Bring together cross-functional teams from across the world on one platform to gather feedback, resolve comments, rework, and approve.

    • Collaborate on design briefs, brand guidelines, and visual assets to align on the requirement.
    • Create designs, review, add a comment, rework on feedback across teams all without leaving the platform.
    • Evaluate the campaign status and realign on strategy by prioritizing as per business goals.
    Streamlined creative production and management

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