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The easiest online tool to make videos.  Work in teams or work solo.  Make a video for every moment, every content, everything!

Improve efficiency of creative production and management with workflow automation.

Churn out quality, on-brand creatives at scale. Get to market faster by streamlining the process of managing, approving and publishing visual creatives.

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How can workflow automation help you?

  • Shorter campaign execution time

    Be in control of the design requests by focusing on creative aspects of design and automating the mundane.

    • Custom brand-compliant templates to automate the image and video production.
    • Localize images and videos at scale within minutes to reach a global audience.
    • Create variants and adapts faster with custom templates as per campaign requirements.
    High-volume, brand-compliant creatives
  • On-brand creatives at scale

    Manage assets in a dedicated workspace to design, create, and publish on-brand assets all from one space.

    • Store all your visual and brand assets in a single media library with tags.
    • Re-use and repurpose assets using a quick filter to pull all of the relevant assets.
    • Publish content directly from the workspace to dedicated channels without leaving the platform.
    Organize, store and share digital assets
  • Configurable workflows to save time

    From requirement clarification to reviewing on-brand designs collaborate across teams from the platform.

    • Add a comment against respective design briefs, brand guidelines, or design to collaborate on content.
    • Bring the cross-functional, global team together to communicate, review, and approve creatives generated.
    • Keep track of the campaign progress with deadline insight and manage business priorities.
    Standarize design process with configurable workflow
  • Approve and publish creatives instantly

    Assign roles and user permissions to all the external and internal stakeholders to streamline the approval process.

    • Assign a reviewer once the design as per the brand guidelines is completed.
    • Rework on the suggestions as per reviewer comments and get it approved instantly.
    • Ready to publish creatives within the campaign deadline as a result of the speedy approval process.
    Systematic control of access to digital assets

Built to design and collaborate for teams of any size and shapes