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Strategies To Get The Highest Facebook Video Metrics

Here are strategies and best practices for you to follow to get the highest Facebook video play, engagement, and conversion rates

#1 Don’t rely on sound

“No sound” seems like a bizarre thing to do until you realise how videos are viewed on Facebook. People often browse through their news feeds to kill time on their commutes, while in a restaurant or public place, or while taking a break at work. More often than not, a sound is not appropriate in these scenarios and listening to a video advertisement on Facebook are very slim, if not zero.

facebook video without sound

You wouldn’t want this happening to you.

If your video simply does not make sense without sound, add captions!

“Internal tests show that captioned video ads increase view time by an average of 12%,” Facebook reports.

#2 Get to the point quickly

It is surprising to see Facebook video ads have a limit of 120 minutes in length. This is insanely long, and the chances of someone watching a 2-hour video while on a social network seems very unlikely.

Wistia data showed that people watch more than 80% of a video if it is shorter than 30s.

Keep your ads short, sweet, and engaging to get to the big points faster.

#3 Ensure your ads are on autoplay

Advertisers might not opt for autoplay in certain platforms, but Facebook shouldn’t be that place. Why? Because of enough distractions present on Facebook as it is, you want to engage multi-tasking newsfeed scrollers as fast as possible. Playing your videos automatically is the best way to do so.

To be eligible for autoplay you need to bid by cost-per-impressions (CPM) rather than cost-per-click (CPC).

#4 Define your target audience finely

This a lesson taught in Facebook Advertising 101, but it’s also one you must remember when running video ads.

Ads cost money so you might as well advertise to a granular and relevant audience to cut through the clutter and focus your budget on engaging the people that matter.

#5 Learn from your video stats

Once your Facebook video ads have gained a significant amount of views, you need to take a step back and determine if the money spent is yielding a return.

  • How many people are watching videos?
  • How many are clicking on your ads?
  • How many visit your website after watching the ad?

Learn from Stan, DON’T be Kyle.

Understanding how your Facebook video ads impact your target audience will help improve your video production and advertising strategy.

Here is a complete guide to make Facebook video Ads.

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