lumen5 or rocketium which is better?

Lumen5 vs Rocketium: What should I use?

With a number of video making solutions available online, selecting the right one for your needs is a challenging task. In this article, I’ll breakdown the features that Rocketium and Lumen5 have to offer. I’m comparing only 2 paid plans of both the solutions. To explore more plans, you can visit the pricing pages of Rocketium and Lumen5.


You can create beautiful HD videos for social media in minutes using text, images, video footage and voiceovers using Rocketium. Rocketium also lets you work in teams to collaborate on a project.


Lumen5 is a video creation platform powered by A.I. that enables anyone without training or experience to easily create engaging video content within minutes.

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1. Styling and Customisation

• Text

Free Team Plan Free Business Plan
Subtitles X X X
Multiple captions in one scene X X
Line spacing X X
Text Alignment X X
Custom Font Size X X
Per caption styling X X
Custom Text position X X
Text Animation X X
Background Color X X

Rocketium gives you tons of styling and customisation options for your captions. You can adjust the spacing between the lines, align it to the left, right or centre, position the caption anywhere on the screen and change the size. You also have the option of changing the highlight color and text background color for each caption and scene separately.

Lumen5 is pretty restrictive when it comes to text styling options. In fact, the only things you can edit are the highlight color (which remains same for all captions and scenes throughout the video), the font (the free plan has only 1 font you can use, unlike Rocketium) and the size (only 2 options -> Normal and Heading).

WINNER: Rocketium

• Media – Images & Video Clips

Free Team Plan Free Business Plan
Video Clip size No restriction No restriction Upto 50 MB Upto 50 MB
Video Clip duration
(per scene)
120s > 120s 20s 20s
Image Filters X X
Image Frames X X

Rocketium lets you customise the media file you add to your videos. This includes image filters like black & white, blur, vinyl effects, etc. Image frames are particularly useful when you make video ads for an app or a tutorial video for a software. Since there is no restriction on the video clip size, you can upload even 4K quality videos on Rocketium.

Lumen5 restricts the size and duration of your video clips. There is no option to add image filter, frames and effects.

WINNER: Rocketium

• Animations

Free Team Plan Free Business Plan
Text Animation X X
Image Animation X X
Animated Transitions X X
Animated Overlays X X

Rocketium is host to a number of preset animations for text, media and scenes. You can also upload your own custom animations if you’ve subscribed to the Business plan.

On the other hand, Lumen5 provides no options to customise the animations for text, media or scenes. This does not mean your videos will have no animation – they use a default animation for their video elements.

WINNER: Rocketium

• Timing Controls

Free Team Plan Free Business Plan
Caption Delay X X
Caption Duration X X
Per Caption Timing X X
Scene Duration

In Rocketium, you have complete control over how long your captions should stay on the screen, how much delay should be there between captions, and also the duration of the entire scene. You will notice that some captions have a default value set already. This is calculated internally, and is determined assuming your viewer’s reading speed to be 150 words per minute.

Lumen5’s does not provide any options wherein you can control the timings of your captions. A default value is set for every caption based on the number of characters in the captions, but you cannot change it.

WINNER: Rocketium

• Orientation


Free Team Plan Free Business Plan
Landscape X X
Square X
Portrait X X
Facebook cover video X X
Native Instagram video ad X X

The orientation of a video plays a very important role in engagement on social media. Rocketium gives you the freedom to publish your video in any orientation. An added advantage you will get is the option to clone your videos and publish them in different orientations for different social media platforms.

Lumen5 recently moved the option of Square orientation to their Business plan, and do not support portrait videos in any of their plans.

WINNER: Rocketium

Do you know the importance of Portrait videos? Here is an interesting read that highlights why portrait videos should not be ignored.

• Branding

Free Team Plan Free Business Plan
Remove watermark X X
Upload logo X X
Upload animated logo X X X
Change position of the logo X X X
Save brand assets X
Save brand colors as theme X

Rocketium lets you upload animated logos (in .mp4 format) and saves them for future use. You can also position the logo in different positions of your video. The last scene of your video can also be used as a custom outro scene. You can add your media file (image/video clips) and add a CTA to it as well.

Lumen5 also lets you upload logos, but animated logos are not supported. You can save your brand assets and color palette for future use, just like in Rocketium.

WINNER: Rocketium

2. Teams and team members


Free Team Plan Free Business Plan
Multiple Teams X X X
Add/ Delete team member X X $25 per user
1 member team X $199 X $99
2 member team X $199 X $149
Copy Video to team X X X
Move video to team X X X
Comments and Notifications X X X
Kanban style video management X X X

Rocketium lets you add upto 10 users in teams without any extra charges. You can copy and move videos within teams, assign roles, and even use comments to collaborate in real time.

Lumen5 charges $25 for every extra user you add on top of the $99 you will pay for the Business plan. The option to create multiple teams and collaborate is lacking here.

*Please note all pricing plans are in USD

WINNER: Rocketium for more than 2 users; Lumen5 for upto 2 users

3. Direct sharing to social media

Free Team Plan Free Business Plan
Facebook personal profile
Facebook pages you admin X X
Facebook Ad Library X X
YouTube X X
Twitter X X
Brightcove X X
Dropbox X X
Download for free

Rocketium has an integration with Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Dropbox and Brightcove. You can share your videos directly without downloading them. In Facebook, you also have the option to post your videos on your personal profile, pages you admin and the ad library. You can set your thumbnails, title and description from inside Rocketium itself.

Lumen5 lets you post video on Facebook only. Even on Facebook, you can post the video directly only on your personal wall, not on pages you admin or to the ad library. For every other platform, Lumen5 encourages you to download the video and upload it manually.

WINNER: Rocketium

4. Pricing

Professional Expert Team
(< 2 users)
(< 5 users)
Free Pro Business
(1 user only)
Monthly $49 $99 $199 $399 $0 $49 $99 + $25 per user
Annual $468 $948 $1788 $3588 $0 $468 $948 + $240 per user

*Please note all pricing plans are in USD

WINNER: Rocketium for more than 2 users; Lumen5 for upto 2 users

4. Number of Videos

Free Team Plan Free Business Plan
10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Rocketium lets you make unlimited videos every month if you’re on the Team plan only. Lumen5, on the other hand, lets you make unlimited videos irrespective of the plan you’re on.

WINNER: Lumen5


Lumen5’s approach to video making is inspired by the thought of converting your existing articles and blogs to videos, whereas in Rocketium, you can create a video without relying on content from existing articles or blogs.

Though the plans of Lumen5 are priced lower than the plans of Rocketium, the tradeoff is much higher. Lumen5 provides no customisation, restricted sharing options, and limited freedom for team management. Rocketium is a clear winner when it comes to being a Lumen5 competitor.

Who should use LUMEN5?

If you work alone and only want to repurpose your existing articles and blogs to videos, then this is a good choice. The pricing is perfect for an individual, and there is no limit on the number of videos you can make.

Who should use ROCKETIUM?

If you are:

  1. A part of a team of more than 3 members and you want to repurpose my existing articles and blogs to videos,
  2. An individual looking to make videos for different social media platforms, or
  3. Looking to make different types of videos, like video ads for social media, promo videos, announcements, intro videos for articles, news headlines, stories, interview videos, quote videos, etc.

For a team of more than 3 members, Rocketium is perfect since it is more versatile and provides more customising options.

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