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How to Make An Engaging Video for Social Media in 2019

The trend of daily video views around the globe is very dominant. It is all over the internet, and you don’t need to look into the statistics because it’s not a secret as to how viral a good video is on social media.

So, how do you make a good video for social media engagement? That is the question that this article will answer through its six guidelines.

1. Identify your end goal & video statement

Marketing is one of the objectives existing right now in all social media. To let you know that we are on the same page. This write-up is about how you can use video for social media, in the best way as a marketing tool.

Now that you are acquainted with the true objective, it is essential to further break it down into more specific objectives.

Do you want to make people aware of your product? A new gadget came out, and do you need to promote it well? Or are you determined to show to the world your company culture so that it will ensure everyone that whatever product your company has is an absolute quality?

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Focusing on a single objective one at a time will help you get your point across while preventing your readers from being confused and too overwhelmed, and through this, your video will also be shorter, because it is more concise and more direct to the point.

People in social media, who are usually busy and have small patience with a long video, will surely love it.

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2. Keep the camera steady

Since we are talking about social media, it is not uncommon that handheld smartphone cameras are usually used. However, your shaky hand is always the culprit here.

Don't worry the solution is quite simple, one which does not require for you to dismember your hand and replace it with a mechanical one.

On a serious note, to have a smooth quality in your video, you do not need a fancy or expensive camera gear to do the job. Sometimes, all you need is a simple ingenuity.

There are different solutions to make your video look professional. One is investing in a tripod. Another one is utilizing the stabilization settings on your smartphone.

If you still want to take it to another level, you may also use an external lens that can fit your smartphone. This will significantly enhance the quality of your videos, which we all need aside from keeping the camera steady.

The thing is, they are all very cheap but very helpful in making great videos for your business.

3. Focus on a strong message when creating video content

Structure your video wherein all parts work hand in hand to achieve a very clear and compelling message. To do this, incorporate narratives to your video content, whereby, it is also an effective way of strengthening your connection with your viewers.

A good narrative has an easy to follow setups, where a problem is stated in the beginning and eventually gets solved in the end. It must be healthy to the heart, because it shall resonate with people, making them relate to the struggles you’d like to champion.

An intense message will always provoke a strong reaction. It is good to note that this results in your video leaving a memory to your viewers and a call to action to influence them.

By being memorable here, your narratives can be funny videos where people will find their giggles irresistible and contagious to others nearby. It can also be a motivational video that taps their energy to be instantly inspired.

Whatever it may be, a strong message in your video content will help you achieve people’s attraction to your brand, the way you have always dreamed of.

4. Take advantage of trends on social media

It is a basic human need to feel a sense of belongingness. This is a feeling that you are socially accepted in a group. This concept has some small changes in the passing of times, especially now in the modern world.

Social acceptance nowadays is also gauged in trendy things that you wear or use. To put it simply, everybody wants to be kept up to date, and nobody in his right mind wants to be left out as the odd member of the society.

What is trending, has significance to your end goal, and has relevance to your audience, is something you should consider in incorporating into your video. Check out these useful tactics for social media!

The result will be an extremely engaging content and we all want that!

5. Try to connect with influencers

Influencers or trendsetters are very valuable people in social media marketing. They influence a lot of followers, and for business owners, these people are indispensable to the success of their brands in the market.

Thanks to them, you’ll no longer feel the pressure of staying on top of the social media trend, as you can just be updated to what keeps influencers busy. This is due to the fact that these people are very proactive and talented in exposing their preferences and opinions in such a way that many will follow them.

It is your job to befriend them. Follow their social media channels and who knows, you can maybe ask them on how they feel about your brand.

If not, you might consider hiring them, or you can always just study them, and learn from their actions on how to engage the audience the best way. With that, it is also possible that you can start being your own influencer.

6. Optimize your video content

To make your videos as perfect as possible, you should not forget some basic but essential principles in videography first, especially in the context of social media marketing.

First of all, your camera should be appropriate for social media. Then, avoid digital zoom and just try to move closer to the person or the object that your lens is trying to capture. Always choose a well-lighted area for your videos. Make your videos mobile friendly, that is, it takes a few seconds to load in smartphones.

Now, to finally put the final touch to a video, making sure that it will suit the general aesthetic need of the people, editing is an integral and important part which should be strictly observed.

An editing application will be your friend here. It will help you make an artsy, yet clean and easy to understand video.  

A YouTube video editor will do the trick for simple editing. But if you are into a more complex edit, you might want to try other programs available in the market.

Final Words

You won’t lose anything if you will follow these six guidelines to increase social media video engagement.

You'll never know if they are effective if you don't apply them!


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