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How to use a personalized banner to increase your website traffic.

In more ways than one, driving traffic to the website is the foundation of sales for any online business. It’s no different for e-commerce websites. While the competition is stiff to stand out in the market, personalized banner might just make the cut for your brand.

Sale after sale, e-commerce brands are on the lookout to drive more traffic to website to own more meat of the pie. However, innovation isn’t restricted to coming up with enticing offers.

Ecommerce brands are investing & innovating heavily on banner with stunning creatives for promotions across multiple platforms.

65% recall rate when an image is paired with relevant content.

85% of online shoppers take action post watching a video.

Understanding user intent is the first step towards personalization. In the awareness phase, the prospect either has a need & is exploring more or is unaware of the need.

Consider an offline retail store. User visits the store with a need & finalises on the product that looks & feels good as per his need. An experience similar to this using banners and short videos online can prove to be a game-changer.

Leveraging personalized banner in the awareness phase of the customer journey:

Users might stumble upon your brand from any of the platforms-

  • Search results
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Paid channels
  • App etc.

The intent with which they click & land on your website could be different. For ex: A user looking for ‘white shirt for women’ in the search bar is a potential customer whose ready to buy. Meanwhile, a user clicking on promotional shirt Ad appearing on Facebook could be in a research phase.

A generic visual nudge for both the user would lead you nowhere. But, a discount coupon for the user in the research phase & a size guide for the user in “ready to buy” phase might turn out to be a deal-breaker.

With that premise, let’s go in detail about the personalized banner options.

Banner options to drive more traffic to the website with personalized offerings:

Listicle videos:

Listicles are ubiquitous – Thanks to BuzzFeed! Lately, the adoption of listicles has seen a spike with proven results, briefly ignoring the segment that feels otherwise.

As per a report from Buzzsumo, the most effective number for a listicle content piece is five.

To share bite-sized information with your audience, listicles are the way to go as they’re extremely readable. This generates interest among the users towards your products and offerings. For a B2B banner software, a listicle post on 20+ Best Fonts For Videos and Images can drive visits wherein users are redirected to the product page to drive website visits.

Segmentation: Young audience looking for a low-cost, technology makeover with multiple options.

Objective: Make improvements to the performance tracking the following key metrics – Website visits & bounce rate.

Channels to target: Email, retargeting ads, push notifications & website homepage.

Seasonal offers:

One needs no reason to stock up the wardrobe. Having said that – festivities & holidays present all the more reasons to shop.

A Deloitte report suggests that the average holiday shopper in the US purchased 16 gifts during the 2018 holiday season.

Ecommerce brands leave no stone unturned when it comes to making the best out of this hype.

However, to take it a notch higher e-commerce brands can turn to personalized banners to get before consumers to spend some extra bucks.

Segmentation: Based on the location & the weather conditions & the preference of the local demographics.

Objective: Make improvements to the performance tracking the following key metrics – Website visits & bounce rate.

Channels to target: Email, retargeting ads, push notifications & website homepage.

User-generated content:

Consumers rely on trusted sources like their peers 5X times more than any other before making a purchase decision. There is nothing as powerful as your users loving your product & turning into an evangelist to build trust & credibility among potential customers.

Empowering your loyal seller base with the right tool to automatically convert their inputs into stunning banners can certainly boost sales.

Segmentation: Based on the user cart history & past buying behavior.

Objective: Make improvements to the performance tracking the following key metrics – Product page visits & Social engagements.

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