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6 tips to establish deeper connections with e-commerce customers

Creating deeper connections with your e-commerce customers can be done in many ways. One of those things is to put yourself in their position. For everyone in the e-commerce industry, you will know that relating to the customer from their perspective is key to success. 

Much of the success in the eCommerce industry is due to reputation. Surely, reputation is based on customer satisfaction. So, creating a deep connection with your customers is important for success in the eCommerce industry. 

By 2022, sales in the eCommerce industry are projected to surpass $4.5 trillion. To be a part of this growth, you have to keep your customers dear to you. Building great relationships with your customers is a free path to boosting your product sales and to move your business forward.

One important thing to note to be successful in eCommerce is that people are not just buying any product, they are actually seeking solutions to the problems that they face. So, you are more into people than you are into buying and selling. 

Ecommerce, today, is relational and not just transactional. Creating an eCommerce store and advertising your product is not enough to be successful. You must be willing to relate and create deep connections with people. Beyond just trying to sell your product, this will come automatically from your customers. You only need to create that connection first. 

How do you create a deep connection with your e-commerce customers? Here are a few tips. 

Do not just sell your product, build a community 

This is more like a prerequisite for you to thrive as an eCommerce in today’s market. You have to create a community around your business where all of your e-commerce customers feel inclusion. You can be sure that there are many other online stores that are just like yours. There are definitely many people that you have to compete with for the same audience. So, what do you do to stand out? How do you make sure that your brand is different from the others? It is by building a community around your business. 

This is one of the best ways to build loyalty for your brand. This is because they feel like they have the support that they need and they are a member of a community. Because there is a group of people with like minds, that share the same experience as them. 

In this case, however, you have a responsibility to make the customers understand this community. They should also understand the type of products you are selling and how it helps to solve their problem. 

Be attentive to your customer 

There are many dos and don’ts of having loyal e-commerce customers. One thing that you do not want to do is to ignore the input of your customer and their feedbacks. You might get away with this in other businesses. But when it comes to eCommerce, it is a sure path to failure. Being attentive to your customers makes them feel like they are important and have a say. This way, they feel more like a member of the “family.” 

Getting feedback from your e-commerce customers regularly and implementing their suggestions wherever you can is setting you up for success. Once they see the implementation of their suggestions, they know that you are interested in growing and improving your business to meet their needs. 

If you do not listen to them, on the other hand, they become frustrated. They start looking for other alternatives. They scout for other means to get what they want. You can be sure that your competitors will definitely find a way to please them. That is one (or even more) customer loss. 

If you want people to be comfortable around you, you have to listen to them. Communication is going to be key. This is true for eCommerce marketing. It does not just win the customer over, it keeps them. 

Communicate constantly with your e-commerce customers 

Creating deep connections with your customers has a lot to do with how much you communicate with them. That works for anybody in any context. It is the best way for you to build relationships with them. There are many ways in which you can ensure this communication. You can do this with SMS marketing, email marketing, etc. As a matter of fact, your marketing techniques should be avenues for you to reach out to your customers. Not only to reach out but to also strengthen your connection with them. 

You can also communicate with them through images and videos. For this, you will need to be effective in your use of social media. 

Offer quality services and products 

Offering quality services and products is an important way to attract your customers to you. Reputation is very important for winning customers to your brand. One very important way to do this is to make sure that your customers have quality satisfaction every time that they purchase your product. 

No one wants to buy a product and feel cheated or feel like it is not worth it. This is even more rampant in many online sales. Customers see an advert, like the product, and order for it. But by the time the delivery comes, it is almost the opposite of what they ordered. This obviously does not endear the customers, and it also stains the brand’s reputation. 

By delivering quality services, you will be meeting the needs of your e-commerce customers. You will also be creating deep connections with them. According to a recent paper service, your worth as an eCommerce enterprise will be determined by the level of quality that you provide with your product. This will build a strong reputation for your brand when it comes to reliability and excellence.

Your products should be a representation of your brand. This is how your customers are going to judge you. So, the higher your products’ quality, the more, the better your standing among your customers. This will also lead to more loyalty.

Reward your customers’ loyalty

There are many sure ways to endear your brand to its customers. Some of them have been mentioned earlier but I can’t end the list without this one. Rewarding the loyalty that your customers have shown to your business over time goes a long way to endear them and make them more loyal. This is also another means of securing future sales from the same customers. This is what many big brands do, and it works like magic.

According to statistics, it is 500% cheaper to retain your old customers than for you to try to make new conversions. That is where rewarding your customer’s loyalty comes in. Offer them promos and discounts on products that they buy. Give out bonuses as a form of “thank you.” This gesture will definitely get to them. It will make them happy and more satisfied with your business. Not to mention that their loyalty also increases. 

Doing these sorts of rewards regularly or seasonally will definitely endear the customers. This will also help your e-commerce business thrive as a result. 

Offer excellent customer service

Nothing makes a customer happier about a business than the fact that they are available and willing to help. You must set up your customer service such that your customers are encouraged to call because of the assurance that their complaints will be resolved and their suggestions received. 

This department is very important for any business looking to endear their customers. This is because they are the ones making direct contact with the customers. They receive their complaints and help them solve their problem. They are also the ones who receive their feedbacks and report it to the management for consideration. Without a doubt, this department plays a very huge role in the growth and development of any company. This is no different for the eCommerce store as well. 

So, if you want to create deep connections with your customers, you must train your customer service reps to be friendly and approachable. Failure to do this might lead to the loss of customers too. 


Converting new customers is more expensive and also harder than retaining current ones. So, your priority should be keeping your customers and creating deeper connections with them. 

Tobias Foster

Tobias Foster

Tobias Foster is a journalist and editor at a professional writing service. He has more than 5 years’ work experience writing college paper reviews at research paper writing service. He has big ambitions. Philosophy, marketing, and business are his passion, and he has a wealth of knowledge in that field. He is a master of his craft.
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