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8 video marketing Tools to Double the Success of Your Campaign

Video campaigns are dominating the digital marketing universe. It’s just about time to jump on the bandwagon and capitalize on the sheer popularity of video content with video marketing tools. Users love watching videos because this format is more dynamic and entertaining than purely textual posts or static images.

According to reports, video marketing is close to reaching a peak:

  • More than 80% of consumer Internet traffic will come from videos by 2022.
  • Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.
  • One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.
  • The average user spends almost 90% more time on a website with video content.

Videos are obviously very popular, but are you able to cope with so many competitors? It seems like every niche is flooded with tons of new videos every day, so it’s not easy to find your place in the video marketing sun anymore.

If you are struggling to improve performance, keep reading as we are about to discuss eight ways to double the success of your video campaign with video marketing tools. 

Right video marketing tools to draft an actionable plan

You should always make a detailed plan of activities before launching a video marketing campaign. The point is to prepare for the execution by creating a step-by-step outline. Scheduling is essential here, but there are many other things to consider as well:

  • The audience: Think about the people you are trying to approach – their traits, beliefs, interests, needs, and similar.  
  • Business objectives: What is the purpose of your campaign? Is it to raise awareness, build emotional connections, generate leads, or something else?  
  • The budget: Do you want top-level content or simply a low-budget campaign? 
  • Deadlines: What is the deadline for your project?

Be picky with video marketing tools to keep it Professional

Even if you are shooting a low-budget video, the content needs to be highly professional and authoritative. It is crucial to respect the basic rules of video production.

First of all, a video needs a good script. It’s a general plan that you have to follow in order to avoid sloppy improvisations. If you are not sure how to do that, we recommend asking professional scriptwriters for help as they can give you valuable suggestions.

Secondly, you must determine the length of your content. Most times, it’s enough to create a 30 or 60-second video because the audience is often impatient and unwilling to spend more time watching your content.

Besides that, you should take care of many other details such as lighting, typography, branding, thumbnails, and so on. All these components will make the content look more attractive and convincing.

Tell a Story 

The best videos are based on interesting stories because they evoke strong feelings and inspire emotional reactions. In the meantime, your business benefits from telling a story that really means a lot to the target audience.

Take a look at the Google Year in Search. Instead of focusing on the brand itself, Google tells a beautiful story of heroes through the lens of a search engine. It’s a superior way to highlight the importance of Google as the largest search platform in the world.

Optimize Videos

Speaking of search engines, another task is to perfectly optimize every piece of content you make. There are many ways to do it, but let’s check out the fundamentals:

  • Use the best keywords 
  • Include keywords and other search terms in titles and video descriptions
  • Don’t use more than 60 characters to write a title
  • Upload eye-pleasing thumbnails
  • Add a link to the landing page
  • Use different types of meta tags

Mix Different Types of Videos using a video marketing tool

Videos come in many different forms, so you shouldn’t stick to the same type all the time. On the contrary, successful marketers understand how critical it is to keep the target audience entertained with versatile content ideas.

The type of video mostly depends on your business objectives, so you can choose to shoot:

  • Demo videos to showcase products
  • Brand videos to describe your mission
  • Event videos
  • Video interviews with industry thought leaders
  • Informative and how-to videos
  • Animated videos to simplify complex concepts
  • Testimonials for the word of mouth marketing
  • Case studies
  • Live videos to boost engagement

Always Include a CTA 

Videos without calls to action (CTA) have no purpose. You can leave a great impression on your audience, but it doesn’t matter if you fail to include a CTA. But the best thing about CTAs is that they are easy to create. 

Jake Gardner, a digital marketer, says the first option is to ask a question and invite users to write answers in the comments: “Another solution is to suggest watching another video. You can also redirect viewers to the website or a specifically-designed landing page, ask for subscriptions, offer free trials, etc.” 

Promote Your Videos

Video marketers should use multiple channels to promote fresh content. For example, your YouTube channel might have millions of subscribers, but you can give it the extra push by promoting the content on other platforms. What are your options here? Let’s take a look:

  • Promote videos on your website
  • Use social networks for additional promotion
  • Keep email subscribers informed about the latest releases
  • Take advantage of multiple video platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, and Vidyard

Measure Achievements and Analyze Performance

You can never improve what you don’t measure, so do your best to monitor achievements and analyze the performance of your video content. The most important video marketing parameters include: 

  • Reach: Also known as a view count, it represents the number of times your content has been viewed. 
  • Social engagement: Another thing you want to analyze is social media engagement as seen through the number of comments, likes, and shares. 
  • Video completions: You also need to learn whether users watch the whole video or just a portion of it.
  • Conversions: Does it really inspire the audience to take action?


Video marketing is one of the most productive ways to raise awareness and generate leads, but it requires a lot of strategic planning, work, and creativity to craft attractive content. In this post, we showed you eight tips to double the success of your video marketing campaign. 

Have you already tested any of these tactics? Which one is your favourite? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments, so we can start a conversation about this exciting topic!

David Collin

David Collin

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