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7 Foolproof Tips to Increase Brand Visibility with Video Marketing

Brand visibility is a frequently-used marketing tactic that inspires a lot of different opinions and adoption strategies. By definition, a brand becomes visible by being shared, read and seen on social media, as well as on traditional media.

It’s not a new concept in marketing, but it keeps evolving and adding fresh features over time. Video content has become one of the most popular brand visibility formats in the last few years, so you definitely want to add it to your marketing strategy.

A report reveals that 90% of customers say videos help them make purchasing decisions, while 64% of consumers claim that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy. Reading these stats, you are probably wondering: How can I increase brand visibility using video marketing?

While it sounds incredibly difficult, it doesn’t have to be so if you utilize the right tactic. Our post will show you seven foolproof tips to achieve this goal.

Common Video Marketing Mistakes

Before we move on to the video-related brand visibility tips, we must warn you about the frequently-made mistakes in this area. We’ve noticed a lot of video content which fails to deliver the desired results because of the following issues:

1. Focusing on the brand instead of customers

What’s the purpose of the digital content? Is it to promote your brand directly or to help people solve real-life problems? Some marketers don’t ask themselves this question before crafting their videos, so they end up making useless content.

Namely, the point of the video is not to focus completely on your brand but rather to present problems the target audience is dealing with and then to explain how to resolve these issues. It means you shouldn’t be too pushy trying to convince people to buy your products or services.

On the contrary, the goal is to tell a compelling story that proves you understand how an average customer feels. Then you can introduce the part with your brand where you explain how it helps clients to find their way out of the trouble.

2. Not giving any directions

Another issue we see frequently is leaving out calls to action (CTA) from videos. While it’s true that you are not supposed to be too aggressive promoting the brand, it’s not good to let the viewers decide what to do upon watching.

You have to give users a hint and encourage them to take the desired action based on your recommendation. This is particularly important for longer videos – remember to invite people to click the CTA button within the first few seconds to ensure higher engagement. There are many different CTA solutions in video marketing.

For instance, you can invite viewers to watch another video because it drives additional traffic and improves ranking. Another option is to encourage users to subscribe to your channel and follow the brand on social media platforms. Besides that, you can include CTAs in video descriptions, ask users to share content online, and use any other trick that comes to your mind.

3. Not analyzing the results

Some content creators believe that their videos perform perfectly, but they never really conduct the analysis to confirm those claims. Measuring the results of your videos is crucial if you want to learn what works well and which elements of the content could be improved.

You can measure many different features, but video traffic, watch time, and engagement remains the essential indicators. The results will help you to change or upgrade your marketing strategy and earn more followers from a long-term perspective.

We strongly encourage you to play with different video solutions. Conducting a simple A/B test, you can discover the best CTAs, thumbnails, background music, actors, etc. All these inputs will only make your video marketing more effective and increase brand visibility.

Measure you metrics

How to Boost Brand Awareness Using Video Content

Now that you’ve seen the major video marketing mistakes that could jeopardize brand visibility, it is time to turn the page and explain the tactics that can improve it. Once again, the whole process is giving you countless possibilities, but some methods proved to be much more productive than others. Here are the seven most efficient tactics:

Content Creation Strategy

Before you begin increasing brand visibility using video content, you must create a sustainable strategy. It’s a general guideline of activities that should help you run a long-term campaign across multiple channels.

First of all, you need to make a calendar of events to ensure regular content creation. The purpose of scheduling is to publish fresh content regularly, making sure not to miss important dates such as holidays, big industry events, brand-related promo actions, etc.

The second step is to choose the best channels in accordance with the requirements of your audience. For instance, B2B organizations will likely find their prospects on LinkedIn, while B2C companies mostly target platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.

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However, don’t forget that consistency is crucial because you need to implement the same style everywhere. It consists of two basic segments:

  • Brand identity: You must be aware of your visual identity, brand vision, and values you nurture. All these features must correspond with the brand imagery – logos, templates, colors, and all other visual elements.
  • Target audience: Whatever you do, you have to keep in mind the requirements of the target audience. After all, these are the people who consume content, so you better learn everything about them: average age, gender, lifestyle, income, personal values, etc.

Mind the Video Format: 

Content creation is a versatile marketplace with dozens of interesting possibilities. In such circumstances, we don’t recommend you stick to just one video format, but rather exploit different options to approach various types of target consumers.

As a business, you are probably going to focus on tutorials to show the audience how your products or services work. Besides that, client testimonials are a great way to increase visibility and boost the word of mouth marketing simultaneously.

Consider the video format

But you don’t want to be too pushy. Stick to the 80/20 principle by creating 80% of educational content and only 20% of directly promotional video messages. This is the perfect rations if you want to grow the follower base while generating enough leads to make the business sustainable.

Save enough room for ‘How To’ videos, user guides, industry reports, trends, and other highly informative content formats. Of course, the audience often demands more amusing content, so you can add GIFs and funny videos to entertain customers from time to time.

YouTube: Headlines and Thumbnails

Did you know that users upload 400 hours of video content to YouTube every minute? YouTube is by far the largest and most significant video sharing platform, so we want to pay special attention to it. And when we say “special attention” we mean you have to keep an eye on even the smallest details.

For instance, you should ask yourself what’s the first thing users see when watching videos. The answer is two-fold: headlines or thumbnails.

When writing a headline, make sure to find the most appealing keywords to maximize the optimization potential of your content. You can use various keyword planning tools, but the easiest option is to start typing the targeted titles in the YouTube search box – it will display frequently searched phrases and give you relevant headline suggestions that guarantee popularity.

Besides that, you can brainstorm different ideas or use alternative and long-tail keywords if you want to avoid competing with industry leaders. After all, those guys probably have thousands of views already and you can hardly outperform them, so you might as well focus on the smaller niche.

On the other side, thumbnails are visual hooks that should be compelling enough to attract users before competitors’ videos. Therefore, you must avoid boring generic images and use real snapshots from your video.  

The best thumbnails are actionable and often show human faces. This makes the content more natural and intriguing, thus inspiring more users to click your link instead of someone else’s.  

Write a Good Description: 

Great descriptions below YouTube videos can drastically increase brand visibility. Descriptions allow search engines to detect your content easily, while they also serve as calls to action. Always add the targeted URL at the top of your description to allow viewers to take concrete action upon watching your videos.

According to content creators at, quality descriptions should contain no more than 300 words: “This is just about enough to tease the audience without revealing the entire content of your video. At the same time, it gives you enough room to add the CTA, social account links, and other URLs you might consider relevant at the moment.”

It’s also necessary to include keywords to the description, but avoid overstuffing and don’t use the same keyword more than three or four times. This is the perfect ratio that enables search engines to find your videos quickly.

Although your focus should be on video creation, the fact remains that this type of content makes the biggest impact only when combined with the corresponding text. That’s why you need to write a good copy and round up the story this way.

Facebook Videos

YouTube remains the king of the video content universe, but networks like Facebook also play a major role in this field. Official reports show that Facebook generates 8 billion video views on average per day, a huge figure that requires a fair share of dedication and strategic thinking.

Facebook videos

This is particularly important for B2C companies that offer physical products. Using Facebook videos, a B2C organization can quickly explain the benefits of its offer and inspire users to engage afterward. But what are the peculiarities of Facebook video marketing? Here are some details that demand additional analysis:

  • Silent mode: Most users watch Facebook videos without sound, so you need to add captions to explain content more thoroughly.
  • Scheduling: Target audiences are different and you can’t expect everyone to consume content at the same time. For instance, older users tend to watch videos earlier in the morning, while younger users are most active later in the evening. Analyze their behavior find the perfect timing to post your videos on Facebook.
  • Promotion: With so much content available online, you can hardly make an impact without promotion. Facebook gives you the chance to do it cheaply, so don’t hesitate to use the opportunity to increase brand visibility.

Instagram Videos

Instagram videos

Instagram videos are unique because you have to take hashtags into account. However, the principle is the same as keyword analysis – you just need to detect the most popular hashtags and add them to your videos. The best thing is that you can use more than a few hashtags, but keep it rational.

Although the platform allows you to add up to 30 hashtags, we suggest you don’t use more than eight or nine. That way, your videos will look more relevant and less spam-like in the eyes of the average Instagram follower.

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Blog and Email Videos

Adding videos to blog posts and emails is another way to increase brand visibility online. While it demands some tech skills from your side, it’s a convenient tactic to make the content different and more appealing.

And if you use GIFs instead of full-time videos, the process is even simpler since all emailing and blogging platforms can recognize and reproduce this type of content. There are thousands of ready-made GIFs available online, so it’s rather simple to make the necessary adaptations and create unique brand-related content to enhance visibility.

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Videos have become a critical component of brand visibility. It is by far the most popular digital content format, so you definitely need to incorporate it into your marketing strategy. We explained to you seven foolproof tips to increase brand visibility with video marketing.

Did you already use any of these tactics? Do you have other interesting suggestions to share with our readers? Let us know in comments and we’ll be glad to discuss this exciting topic with you!

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Scott Mathews

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