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6 Reasons why Customers prefer Video Ads to the Text ones

In the past decade, what we have seen is nothing short of an upheaval in the digital world. More and more people are abandoning their laptops and desktops as their primary means of interacting with the world on the Internet. We have entered the age of the mobile phone and the Internet. To make things even more interesting, tech gets cheaper and cheaper every day and a significant part of the world’s population owns mobile phones. It doesn’t matter what country you reside in; there are no boundaries. You can interact with content anywhere at any time. We truly live in a global village.

In the midst of this new world, advertising is undergoing its own revolution. The content marketing world has seen new strategies being introduced to make for more effective marketing campaigns. You can only expect your advertising campaign to succeed if you give the customer what they want, at the time that they want it, and in the manner that they want it.

Olivia Church works at EssayOnTime and is head of the marketing department. She’s in on the action every single day and sees what strategies work and what strategies don’t work. We approached her and asked her to give us some valuable pointers about the future of content marketing. She confidently told us that the best way to capture the market is to use the latest and greatest forms of advertising. She says that at the moment that is video marketing. According to Olivia, we live in a fast-paced world that video advertisements are perfectly suited to. It provides the right kind of value, with the right amount of relevance and the perfect kind of flexibility that rhymes with consumers. You simply can’t go wrong with the video.

Of course, we had one major question to ask Olivia: Why do you say it’s the best. She did better than give us a reason; she gave us 6 reasons.

All the Statistics support Video Marketing

Cisco has some interesting statistics capable of silencing the naysayers on video ads. In fact, all of them show that video ads are insanely popular as compared to their text counterparts and the evidence shows that this popularity is only poised to grow over the years.

  • By 2019, about 80% of all traffic on the web will be directed to video content. That’s nearly all of the World Wide Web.
  • By simply adding a video to the marketing email you send prospective customers, you can easily boost your click-through rates by some whopping numbers: between 200% and 300%!
  • By embedding videos on your landing pages, you can increase your conversion rates by a whopping 80%.
  • A significant portion of customers, 90% to be exact, say that they were better able to make purchasing decisions when they saw a product video.
  • According to the video content giant YouTube, The consumption of video content on mobile phones doubles every year.
  • About 64% of online shoppers are more likely to buy your product if they can watch a video of that product.
  • Among online marketers, a whopping 87% are currently using video ads as part of their online marketing strategy. Olivia is among this crop of marketers and she says the success is overwhelming.
  • About 35% of ad spending online can be traced back to video ads.
  • Over 50% of company decision makers, 59% to be exact, would rather watch a video ad of your product or service than reading text ads or a blog post about that product.
  • A single minute of video content is worth a significant amount of words. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. However, a video is worth 1.8 million words according to James McQuivey, a digital marketing expert.

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Brand Recall is better promoted by Video Content

Hubspot estimates that about 80% of customers can easily remember a video they watched as long as a month ago. Can text ads really boast the same statistics? They can’t! One of the things that give video marketing an edge over other forms of marketing is the fact that it combines two very impactful media: sounds and images. These are things that are very easy for most people to remember since a majority of people are both visual and auditory in their memory. Many of us think in pictures and so there are few methods as effective for burning things in memory as sounds and images.

The fact that video content is so much easier to remember than text content has an interesting advantage. When your customers can remember what you were trying to tell them in your videos, then they will also remember you and your brand. That means you get more leads and therefore more sales. Another plus is that if your customers love your videos then they will likely share the, with their friends, family, and colleagues, which means you expand your reach online.

If you want to keep your videos extra memorable, then keep them in line with your brand strategy. Keep all the fonts, colors, logos, and voices consistent with what your customers expect from you. That way, your viewers will be able to recognize your videos from a mile away.

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Video Marketing is great for SEO

Do you know how many decision makers will visit your site after viewing your video elsewhere? According to Hubspot, that’s 65%. That means that, as long as you keep the quality of your videos high and you make sure they are relevant to your customers, your SEO could see a drastic improvement from video content because you’ll be having a surge of traffic coming to your site. But it doesn’t just end there. Your conversion rates also get a huge boost from video traffic. We mentioned that video content can boost conversion rates on a landing page by 80%. As for business decision makers, about 39% of them will contact a vendor as soon as they watch branded video content.

So don’t hesitate; add some great branded video content to your websites, your landing pages, and your content offers. You will be surprised by the world of good that that simple strategy does to your SEO and click-through rates.

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You don’t have to worry about Video Content not performing well on some Devices

Videos boost your SEO

As you may already know, one of the things driving digital marketing is responsive web design. Everyone is trying to come up with content that responds well to the screen sizes of different devices as well as the demands of different web browsers. When a company produces content that performs poorly on some devices or some browsers, then that company has effectively shut out a portion of its potential customer base. The result is lost traffic and poorer conversion rates. You simply cannot afford to lose any conversion rates where you could have done something about it. The same goes for traffic.

The good news is that you won’t have that problem with video content because it does well on just about every device, whether you’re dealing with a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop computer. That means the video is more user-friendly and focused on the consumer and has a greater reach as a result.

You get to strengthen your brand Message with Video Marketing

With video marketing, you are looking to strengthen the message you convey with your brand. One of the major setbacks when it comes to text is its reduced bandwidth when it comes to communicating certain elements, such as brand energy and color schemes. When you create a text ad, you can’t put in too much for the sake of brevity. We live in a world where online attention spans are decreasing according to an exponential curve. Since video can pack in so much into one minute, however, you have so much more space and opportunity to drive the persona of your brand home. You can create a unique video that really drives the kind of brand message you’re trying to promote and creates just the right kind of vibe that your customers relate with you.

Your brand message can be communicated through simple features, such as branding, and design, or it can be communicated through more complex features such as content and voice. With these tools, your video marketing has the unique capability of letting your customers know, in no unequivocal terms, just who you are.

Video Content has the Capability to go Viral

Videos can go viral easily

The statistics say that 92% of people who watch videos on their mobile phones will share them with others. That is nearly the entire market. It is definitely much higher than the numbers you would get with text content. On average, video content is shared 1200% more than text content and links combined. Think about that for a moment… Another interesting statistic is that 60% of video content consumers are more likely to engage with a video post as opposed to a text post. That makes video content supremely powerful and more likely to go viral than any other kind of content.


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Jacob Dillion

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