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5 ways to use video to increase landing page conversions

Including video content on your landing page can increase conversions by around 80%, according to a 2018 study by Wordstream. Although video can dramatically increase landing page conversions, it is not always obvious what kind of video content would be most useful for your particular landing page.

To help decide what type of video would be best suited to squeeze out every last bit of value from your landing page, here are 7 types of landing page videos and how they can each be best utilized to maximize conversions.

The Product Demonstration video

Product demonstration videos can help persuade an uncertain buyer into purchasing a physical product by demonstrating the product in use and overcoming objections through showcasing specific benefits of a product.

For any product or service to convince a buyer, it’s important to highlight the selling points such as user-friendliness. The needs of customers are better addressed with videos by giving the feel of the product.

These types of videos are most effective when they directly answer common questions and objections that potential buyers have when selecting or using your products. It is therefore well worth speaking to your sales and customer service team when creating the outline for this video. Using multiple camera angles may also be necessary to show all the features of the product and to get a full sense of the shape and size of the product.
Most suitable for: Sales pages of physical products

The over-the-shoulder video

Over the shoulder, demonstrations are some of the best videos to add to landing pages promoting software. Not only do they offer the most transparent demonstrations of your product, but they are also a very easy DIY video, as all you need is an online screen recorder and a microphone.

Over the shoulder, videos work best for middle-of-the-funnel landing pages that you want to rank for informational searches about specific features or functionalities of your software. The sales and customer service teams have the information rolled up their sleeve that could present an opportunity to better convince customers by addressing their objections upfront.

Creating landing pages that contain both video and written content, walking a user through the most common problems that your platform offers a solution to can also give you a good chance for ranking for relevant queries as this combination of content creates the type of in-depth pages that Google wants to be ranking.

Most suitable for: Informational pages for software platforms.

The customer journey video

Customer journey videos are a more complex type of video where we follow at various points of receiving a service. An example of this is a video “diary” orthodontic patient that documents their thoughts, feelings, and experiences at various points of their treatment.

They are particularly suitable for medical or legal companies, where a customer journey can last several months, and where one of the most common objections that a potential lead has is that they do not exactly know what receiving a service will actually entail.

The effectiveness of these videos on landing page conversions can be phenomenal. This is because they demonstrate a business’s transparency, their care for the customer, and the ultimate benefits of your services. For industries that may seem mysterious or intimidating to a relative lay-person, this can set your service apart from your competitors and build the trust required to drive conversions.

Most suitable for: Service pages of professional industries that sell high ticket services, particularly in the medial space where fear may be one of the biggest causes of buyer friction.

Client testimonial videos

Social proof, such as reviews and testimonials, is a huge driver of conversions. Approximately, 84% of online shoppers claim that positive reviews seen online are a key driver behind their buying decisions.

Written reviews only go so far. The reviews left on Google, Facebook, and testimonial pages are easily engineered. The trust in written online reviews appears to be slowly eroding. A study by BrightLocal suggests that only 39% of online reviews are immediately read as true by 18-39-year-olds. This means that 61% of younger consumers look for other forms of social proof to justify their purchasing decisions.

This is where video testimonials come in. Unlike written reviews, video testimonials are far harder to fake. They can also provide far greater depth into the benefits of a product or service alongside relatable context in which these benefits are framed. People are more likely to remember faces and personal stories over a few sentences, meaning that video testimonials offer a more powerful form of social proof than written reviews ever can.

Most suitable for: Case studies and standalone testimonial pages.

Introduction and “Meet the Team” videos

Videos that introduce potential customers to you and your team can be a game-changer for client-facing businesses where buyers are looking for the right person as well as a specific service.

This makes introductory videos particularly powerful for local businesses in crowded marketplaces. When a potential customer has several companies all offering the same service within walking distance from each other, they look beyond the service offered and to the people offering it.

This is where videos that introduce you and your team come into play. The familiarity that this strikes up between a potential customer and your business can help reduce the friction between them picking up the phone to speak to you. Each member of your team will have a different perspective in which they view and explain your service and its benefits, giving you ample opportunities to strike a chord and resonate with your target audience.

It’s little wonder then that 52% of online marketers say that video content has a better ROI than any other medium.

Most suitable for: Home pages and meet the team pages of small to medium-sized businesses.

To Wrap Up

Video content has consistently shown to increase landing page conversions, however the specific ROI you can expect on video content depends on your ability to match up the right type of video to specific landing pages.

Always consider the buyer stage on specific landing pages. Tailor the video to address specific concerns that can arise at that stage.

Oli Graham

Oli Graham

Oli Graham is the Marketing Manager for copywriting agency RightlyWritten. He believes that companies that invest in creating engaging content will eventually dominate the digital landscape.
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