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5 key benefits of using a cloud digital asset management system

Digital technologies have reshaped the way organizations performed business time and time again. Companies irrespective of their size adopt technologies that streamline their workflow and accelerate business productivity.

We’ve come a long way from managing and tracking end to end operations on spreadsheets. Multiple automation tools have taken the stress away from creating, maintaining, and updating spreadsheet inputs for timely updates on the progress. One such digital technology is cloud digital asset management.

What is a cloud digital asset management system?

A cloud digital asset management system is an online digital management system for storing and organizing digital assets. With cloud based media asset management you ensure the media files are accessible throughout the organization without the restriction of location. Organize project assets, marketing collateral images, brand assets all from a single source of truth.

Why should you organize digital assets using cloud digital asset management?

As marketers, designers, and brand managers-How often have we lost track of the creatives that could have otherwise been re-used or re-purposed? The requirements for every campaign comes with its own set of challenges. Multiple iterations and the strength of teams handling the project make it almost impossible to form a single source of truth for all assets.

5 key benefits of using cloud digital asset management system

Effective communication with customers tops the list of every organization. Without consistency in elements that represent the brand, it’s next to impossible to achieve this feat. But, with a cloud-based DAM, the set-up, and management of assets using a digital asset platform has never been easier. The right stakeholders have access to the right set of creatives, always!

Listed are the 5 key benefits of cloud-based asset management.

Centralization of assets

Poor asset management is bad for your business. It poses both financial and security risks to your company. Alongside digital asset management, you can streamline the operational processes to also increase productivity. With a single source of truth for all the media files, access to it for internal and external stakeholders is easier despite the location and system in use.

Adaptable workflow

Small, medium businesses or enterprise – Cloud-based DAM adapts and caters to all requirements irrespective of size. The flexibility to respond to scale and sustain is never a challenge. The infrastructure costs associated with on-premise software along with the restriction to access the files from a dedicated system give all the more reasons to adopt a robust solution.

Collaborate from anywhere

The in-depth asset information makes it easier for internal and external stakeholders to access assets with little room for error. The real-time access to data within a few clicks is a time saver which is otherwise spent coordinating with teams on email, slack seeking, and sharing files.

Security and compliance

When you host all the assets in a single source of truth it’s easier for all stakeholders to comply with the guidelines set on asset usage. To restrict access to specific assets, there isn’t a need for a dedicated team of experts but just defined role-based access control.

Real-time tracking

Report on asset usage is crucial to make informed decisions on asset performance. With real-time data such as media storage, types of files, file count, the performance of assets across a multitude of campaigns offer better decision making and higher business growth.


Needless to mention, as businesses go remote and collaboration across functions becomes the need of the hour – a flexible and effective cloud-based digital asset management system could turn out to be the right solution to restructure the existing workflow.

That said, choosing the right solution that adapts and scales the existing process with user-friendliness and better security could be challenging and varies as per the organizational need. Additionally, if you’re looking at a solution accomodating your business needs and capable of setting up a customized workflow you should check out Rocketium.



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