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12 Content Marketing Tips to Boost Your E-commerce Sales

Since the advent of the Internet, we’ve been witnessing forever changing tactics and trends. Amidst all other trends, content marketing is still a front runner. In all the fuss, there’s one thing that has immensely shaped the business world – the appearance and growth of the eCommerce business world. Thanks to the Internet, many new businesses established their big presence online. E-commerce has been breathing new life into businesses that were otherwise doomed to fail, making it an undeniable and unbeatable marketing trend in the global market.

This is widely supported by facts and statistics. According to BigCommerce, 95% of Americans purchase something online at least once per year. Out of these people, 80% make a purchase online at least once per month. Without a doubt, more and more people choose the option of buying online rather than the traditional store-based method. Your competition on the e-commerce market will try to grasp every new trend to beat the others. But, only the most persistent and courageous win in this battle. If you want to learn how to create the brand awareness your e-commerce business needs, it’s time that you learn about the 12 things that you should be doing on a regular basis – no exceptions.

1. Tricks to Use to Boost Your E-commerce Sales:

Before I unravel into the tricks that would make your business shine, let’s take a minute to discuss why this is important in the first place. The reason why many businesses’ fail is that they don’t acknowledge the importance & impact that content marketing can have on their eCommerce marketing strategy. To beat the competition, you need to understand that content is the core, the start, and the lifeblood of any online marketing goal. You can find it in every nook and cranny in search engines. Content creates traffic and keeps it on your website. If you do it right, it convinces the traffic to purchase from your store.

As you can see, content is what all your other strategies rely on. This is why you need proper content marketing tricks to push your products and your business forward. That being said, here are the best tactics to make this happen.

2. Perform Website Analysis on a Regular Basis:

When you start a business and work on it, you’ll be tempted to learn how far you’ve progressed. This is natural, but it shouldn’t be the only reason to perform website analysis. The information you’ll gather through website analytics is key to your future strategies and your success. Only by learning how your strategies work will you know what steps to take for your business.

It’s best to start with analytics as soon as you start your e-commerce business online. Do this regularly, even when things seem to be going perfectly. Trends can easily change and you can lose that grasp over your customer. No matter how popular your e-commerce business gets, the frequent analysis should always stay on your to-do list. Speaking of analysis, there are many things to look out for, including conversion and bounce rates, unique and repeat visitors, traffic sources, most and least frequently visited pages, as well as the time of day or week when you receive the most traffic.

3. Research the Competition:

The things you’ll learn by researching the competition will be your strongest tool for beating them. This is essential in business. You can use the data you obtain to improve your campaigns & plan your content marketing strategy accordingly. Once you see what works and doesn’t work for a competitor, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done. They’d be doing you a favor – showing you the mistakes so that you don’t make them, too.

4. Layout Competitive Content marketing strategy:

It goes without saying that the content you create on the website must be competitive. But, there are plenty of marketers and entrepreneurs who seem to forget about this small detail and strive to provide quantity over quality.

Quality content is necessary even when your business is going really well, perhaps even more in such cases. Don’t let lack of time to prevent you from providing it, or make you publish anything less than great. If you find yourself in a pickle with the content creation, and you sure will at some point, I recommend that you use this company that I’ve used to type my research paper back at school. They deal perfectly with content and in a really timely manner, which leaves you no excuse when it comes to creating content.

5. Create a Content Calendar:

Dealing with an e-commerce business is not easy. It can easily become complex to handle everyday tasks such as sales and communication with customers. In all that mess, you’ll probably find it hard to focus on the content strategy.

That’s why you need a content calendar. You can use it to plan ahead and keep your content on schedule. Moreover, it will provide you with the organization you need to cover your promotions, campaigns, and meet your customers’ needs

6. Optimize the Speed:

Did you know that 40% of the visitors will leave your website and move onto the competition’s site because yours didn’t load in 3 seconds? As harsh as this sounds, it’s the truth. It’s been proven over and over again – people are in a hurry to find what they are looking for, and they are rarely patient when it comes to purchasing things online. This is why the next thing you must check and do on a regular basis is optimizing for the speed of your website.

7. Use Video Content:

Video content is considered one of the most appealing and successful content strategies of today. Videos are engaging, visual, and perfect for embedding the information into your customer’s minds. When used in e-commerce, videos are also a way to show the customer what they’d be getting. That being said, your e-commerce business should use all kinds of content, but prioritize visual content such as images and videos.

8. Offer Free Product Guides:

The impact of a new product being introduced by your e-commerce store will be much emphasized if you combine it with a free representation of what it is and how it can be used. Create product guides that will educate the readers on how to use the products you sell. Otherwise, they’ll be hesitant to buy something they don’t understand.

9. Newsjack Trends:

Trends change faster than ever in the online world, especially social trends. Try to learn what’s trending every month and take advantage of it. Keep an eye for new trends such as Instagram sponsored ads or hashtags and use them before your competition.

10. Stay Social.

Speaking of social media, it is crucial to remain social in today’s online world. Don’t rely on a single method to get you the traffic you need. Even if your website is great and you’ve put a lot of effort into building it, you still need social media to reach out to the audience.

11. Re-Market.

You don’t have to use custom content all the time to engage the people to join your website. Some of your strategies that have worked before are probably not seen by people who you didn’t manage to reach then. It’s time to do some re-purposing and re-marketing, but make sure to tweak the things that didn’t work based on your analytics.

12. Work on Email Marketing.

Email marketing was and remains one of the best marketing strategies online. This should be one of your primary tools to distribute content, reach out to your new and returning customers, as well as share information about your new products and services, sales, etc.

Additionally, Use AI-powered image analytics to provide the customer with recommendations based on their favorite or purchased products.

Now that the e-commerce business is clearly shaping its success in the business world, it is more important than ever to learn how to boost your e-commerce sales. Seeing how many people share the same goals, the market becomes crowded and more competitive than ever. This is why you must use these tricks, and use them frequently – to achieve what only the most persistent business owners accomplish.

Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson

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