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Automate the redundant design tasks

Design automation platform to assist visual designers to sharpen their creative skills. Automate the process of visual creative production, management, and distribution.

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Self-service design automation software

  • 3X time spent on creativity

    Automate the on-brand visual design production to move on from the tedious design requests of just creating adapts and variants.

    • Design or import a custom template to own the creative process and eliminate the non-creative tasks.
    • Automate the creation of variants to creatives in any aspect ratios, dimensions and language using a custom template.
    Custom template
  • Simplified approval process for visual creatives

    Work faster towards completion with a structured approval process to create, share, work on feedback, approve, and distribute.

    • Bring together cross-functional teams to collaborate on the approval process of visual creatives.
    • Maximize productivity by notifying the team of completion and reworking on feedback to fasten time to market.
    Role based access control
  • Centralized media library

    Don't go back to worrying about the placement of assets ever again. Tag the creatives and store them in folders for faster retrieval and reuse.

    • Store versions of the visual creatives in dedicated folders for easier access to teams involved.
    • Filter to retrieve the assets as per tags and reuse it for multiple campaigns.
    Media asset management

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