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December 2023

I love getting multiple emails and Slack messages…said no one ever! As our inboxes keep growing, the last thing we need is another email or incessant pinging for creative briefs and design feedback. But guess what? We’ve got some cool stuff in the works that make collaborating a breeze, without adding to any more slack pings!

1. Collaborate seamlessly on creative briefs

Make creative briefs your central hub. Share design references, real-time updates, mention key players, and engage in brainstorming via chat. Harness the power of conversation threads for seamless project discussions.

2. Share frictionless design feedback

Navigate the creative landscape with finesse! Got endless creatives to review? Drop pins on any element on the design canvas itself to share your feedback. Effortlessly share project-specific links for seamless navigation and creative reviews. Resolve feedback on the go to fastrack campaign launches.

3. Stay on track with Notifications

Stay in the loop with real-time updates on brief requests or projects. Get instant alerts when someone mentions you in tasks and discussions. And for those deadlines, we've got your back with friendly reminders, making sure your reviews are on point and requests are wrapped up on time.