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January 2024

Who doesn’t like to be in control? Be it controlling the quality of the video output or customizing text animation, we all like having things our way. We’ve got some cool stuff in the works that will make you feel like the boss! So without much ado, let’s jump right in.

1. Keep a log of all version histories

Want to restore an edit made 2 days ago? Do it seamlessly by accessing the version history of your creatives! Check, save, and revisit past iterations of your creatives with just a click. No more losing out on anyone else’s hard work for an accidental oopsie!

2. Control video quality with FPS and bitrate

Dive into precision with just a click! Tailor your exported videos effortlessly, with control over frame rate and bitrate. Strike the perfect harmony between top-notch quality and optimal file size.

3. Add extra flair to your video creatives with text animator

Transform static text into engaging animations! Elevate user interaction with dynamic ads. Choose from a vast animation library to animate words and customize those animation durations for a tailored touch. Start creating eye-catching animations now to captivate your audience, showcase promotions, and more