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Introducing Facebook Ads Integration: A Beta Feature

Create Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns at Scale

Setting up as well as managing Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns just got a whole lot smarter!

  • Target different cohorts, experiment, and refresh ads at supersonic speed with banners and videos generated even using a spreadsheet.
  • Produce, publish and analyze ad campaigns at scale with one platform.

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Rocketium for Facebook Ads?

With our AI-powered platform, you can auto-generate banners and video variants using a spreadsheet or any feed-based data.

Produce size variants for different placements in seconds.

Create multiple ad campaigns using the auto-generated ad variants and sync to your Facebook Account in 1 click.

Eliminate duplicating campaigns or manually downloading and uploading ad assets.

Refresh your ad campaigns with new creatives at blazing speed.

Create Facebook Ad campaigns at Scale

Why did we come up with Facebook Ads Integration?

With businesses getting digital across the globe, running personalized ad campaigns is crucial and the need to increase this personalization is only growing.

Under these circumstances, to run location-based, hyper-targeted campaigns, ‘duplicating ad sets’ is the obvious choice for marketers to create ad variants, but it is a time-consuming process. As a result, running more growth experiments and effective campaigns overloads Facebook Marketers.

To eliminate this overload and empower Facebook marketers with more time and efficiency, Rocketium presents Facebook Ads Integrations.

What do you get as our Beta user?

6 month Free access to the platform.

A chance to co-create a solution for fellow marketers by being a part of our Product Advisory Council

Get a chance to be a guest in our webinars and join the growth community of 4000+ members.

Here’s how to get started

Step 1: Sign up as an early-believer.

Step 2: Get a personal walkthrough of Rocketium’s Facebook Ad integration from our product expert.

Step 3: Connect your Facebook ad account.

Step 4: Create, run, and experiment with Facebook ads on Rocketium.

Step 5: Share your feedback and build an experience you love!

Our solution is built for you - the marketer who deserves more. Join us in perfecting the art of running seamless social campaigns