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Boost Customer Engagement & Marketing ROI through In-App Visuals

It's time to get Personal!

What is the first thing that catches your eye when you open an app?

Whether it is shopping, grocery, or education, today’s best apps feature visually appealing banners in their prime real estate. The smartest growth teams generate up to 20% of their revenue by showing highly personalized features and catchy visual content in their apps.

Join the live session

to hear from eminent Marketers, Creative Professionals, and Growth Practitioners, who use a combination of creativity, data science, and experimentation to create a massive impact personalizing In-App experiences from a small section of the mobile apps.

Key Discussion Points

  • Indian apps in the vanguard: Redefining the customer experience with stunning visuals

  • Think local, act local: Why is it imperative for marketers to craft multilingual marketing campaigns for the next billion

  • How audience segmentation can lead to greater personalization, engagement, and in turn, boost marketing ROI?

  • How marketers can uncover opportunities with an experimental mindset

Learn how to Boost Customer Engagement & Marketing ROI through In-App Visuals