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Curious to know
the BTS of
High Impact
Festive Campaigns?


In India, high-impact e-commerce campaign times are extraordinary! Consumers, creatives, and marketing teams- all eagerly wait for it. This period is also when a massive spike in marketing spend is expected. E-commerce companies lure customers with hefty discounts as well as new campaigns across advertising channels. In addition to memorable ads and innovative offline campaigns, the sheer volume of their digital push is a benchmark. The brands work hard across videos, banners, emailers, push notifications, social media, and more.

Such campaigns involve months of planning and hours of hustle. Steady creative input, endless loops of to-and-fro between creative and marketing teams, goes behind all the precision. Invariably, an intense, eleventh-hour rush between agency and in-house teams to deliver campaigns on time is accepted as the way 'things are'.

Can AI & automation reduce this time gap and increase efficiency, scalability, and precision?


Key Discussion Points

  • Success metrics that teams track

  • Failed campaigns that taught important lessons

  • Volume vs. Creativity: challenges in balancing scale, brand, and creativity

  • The Approval Whirlpool: Hierarchies, teams, and creative collaboration

  • Role of automation: how teams automate to get productivity and creativity

  • Evolution of collaboration with COVID and work-from-home

Who Should Attend?

– CEOs, CMOs
– President, VP, Director, Head, GM, DGM, Sr. Manager of Digital Marketing, and Performance Marketing
– Brand and Growth Managers
– Business Heads

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