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Build your design system and reinforce it across teams

Complete design system platform with brand font, color, styles, and templates. Save and share design templates, presets and more.

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Complete home for brand fonts

Save brand fonts for use across teams, organize brand fonts by weights and languages. Reinforce as per team roles and preference with appropriate role-based sharing.

DAM, right : How bigbasket names assets for efficient import

Every brand can customize the media library (Digital Asset Management system) to suit their workflow. bigbasket uses the Rocketium media library to organize product images based on the SKU codes. They directly plug the SKU codes onto a spreadsheet and refresh banner images in bulk to ensure error-free, large-scale creation.

Stay brand color compliant, always!

Save brand colors for a consistent look across campaigns. Have different color palettes for a different set of campaigns, and ensure all teams stick to the set of colors that are mandated.

Automatic background removal: Ajio’s formula for pixel-perfection at scale

The team at Ajio removes product image backgrounds automatically at scale to ensure a better match for their banners, saving hours on every campaign.

Presets, and one-style edits

Create presets to store common visual elements to increase consistency and speed, save styles to enable one-click design and layout changes, all as per team roles and preferences.

On-demand brands need to operate in bulk: A few unique reasons why

City-wise banners for multiple categories that need to be updated daily
The same banner is often adapted in multiple sizes for different placements within the app
Last-minute price changes for different SKUs are to be made

Save base designs as templates, save commonly-used sizes

Save templates, presets, and one-click styles across so that the whole team draws from the same shared history of high-performing layouts and style guides for banners.

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Poorly managed assets coming in the way of campaign success?

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