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Learn the Growth Secrets of Unicorns

Uncover how they Lead with Design


Visual content like banners and videos dominate marketing campaigns on every channel - ads, app, push, email. Good design plays an important role in driving growth as today’s users have an extremely short attention span. Even the best design starts getting ignored after a few days. That is why the best growth teams refresh their creative every few days. Good design is hard and redoing it every few days is much harder especially at the scale of unicorns.

Key Discussion Points

  • How often do teams refresh creative? Why did they pick this number and how is performance affected by slower or faster refresh?
  • How does frequency of refresh vary across channels, campaigns, and user segments?
  • What success metrics show that creative refresh delivers results?
  • What are some examples of creative refresh? Is performance linked to how much the creative change?
  • How do teams analyze performance to identify which creative decisions will perform well?
  • What are some challenges with creative refresh? How do teams overcome these?


Find out how Unicorns are Driving Growth through Creative Refresh