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Create personalized campaigns with multilingual copies

Create and personalize content in multiple languages, with automatic font detection, easy sharing, and involve translators contextually.

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Multilingual support, translation, and sharing

Talk to users in their tongue -- with personalized, multi-lingual copies with automatic font detection. Edit text in real-time, share for copy reviews, or simply iterate on your personalized, multilingual copies. Custom validate copy length with rules and ensure compliance.

Invygo: Multilingual videos at scale

UAE-based car subscription giant, Invygo, creates Arabic variants of its English video ads within seconds using Rocketium’s multi-lingual capabilities. They have been able to customize the font they use as well as the styling of these copies with customized templates.

Self-serve copy editing for writers and translators

Move past design dependencies to have copies edited by translators and copywriters, on their own. Guard brand guideline adherence with role-based access that only permits text editing within given font constraints. Personalize in multiple languages, at scale, error-free.

OkCredit: Hyper-personalization at scale

OkCredit tailors models and messages for each segment to improve relevance, especially for multilingual audiences.

AI Copywriter to generate or reword copy

Reword existing copies to create multiple variants -- to test and find messages that users value. Move past the writer's block to create new copies from scratch. Personalize copies to match micro-segments and improve CTRs, effortlessly.

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