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Version Control

Track the relevance of the media files with up-to-date tags for every version of digital assets. Steer clear of miscommunication and editing the wrong creative with version control.

Defining controlled flexibility with design automation for enterprises such as

Why version control is important in DAM?

  • Eliminate Brand Inconsistencies

  • Faster Turn Around Time

  • Less Rework and Redundancy

  • Controlled Flexbility over assets

Role of version control in creative production workflows

  • Optimized control over media files

    Digital asset management can host multitude of media files. To maintain consistency in assets and usage of updated files, the media files need to be tightly regulated by the users with permission to access the workspace. The usage analytics data will help filter assets based on the frequency and recency of asset usage.

    Define individual user permissions based on roles
  • Sync between cross-functional teams over files

    Every update in product information to changes in offer and legal formalities the changes to media files needs to be communicated to cross functional teams in sync. Leveraging the power of version control ensures brand consistency and also the controlled access to files. Talk about peace of mind of product, brand and digital marketers.

    Work towards a common goal with cross-functional expertise

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