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Import existing Adobe designs to create templates

Start with existing base designs as you import files into Rocketium. Scale with feed data to make content variants or resize as required.

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  • Free hours with seamless PSD imports

    • Import PSD files to set up on-brand, customized templates with existing design files
    • Regulate the use of templates with rules that enforce brand and style guidelines
    • Scale content creation across size as well as variants -- through a spreadsheet
    • Convert AI files to PSD for similar, hassle-free import
  • Import from After Effects to scale videos

    • Extract and import video files as components you can edit or reuse within video templates.
    • Edit, mix and merge files on the go, render in real-time to scale on-brand video content
    • Scale video content with spreadsheets to deliver on-brand, targeted videos, and GIFs at scale

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