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The easiest online tool to make videos.  Work in teams or work solo.  Make a video for every moment, every content, everything!

Maximize branding potential with visual creatives using brand management.

Build and manage a strong brand association with on-brand, efficient, easy-to-use brand management tools.

Brands that trust Rocketium with creating and managing their brand assets

How to maximize brand reputation with brand management

  • Consistent and on-brand, brand assets

    A structured approach to maintaining on-brand brand assets such as logos, stylesheet, colors, fonts, etc using brand asset management tool.

    • Organize brand assets using unique folders for each campaign and tagging them for easy filtering.
    • Multiple file format support and controlled access to each folder as per the role and responsibilities of the team.
    • Never worry again over the occurrence of brand inconsistency as you control the entire brand asset ecosystem.
    Brand compliance with brand asset management
  • Secure storage and access to brand assets

    Manage multi-brand retailing with ease using secure access to each individual brand assets separated by a folder.

    • Multi-tier brand asset management to ensure the visual identity of every brand is handled with proficiency.
    • With unique brand guidelines set for individual brands ensure consistency in color, font, and other visual identities.
    • Avoid confusion by enabling access to individual brand folders only to the team members responsible for its performance.
    centralized access to individual brand assets
  • Brand management with multi-level approval cycle

    On-brand custom templates designed as per brand guidelines to automate the creation of images & videos followed by a systematic approval cycle.

    • Create campaign-specific workspaces with custom approval flow.
    • Set up a controlled process for collaboration and approval for external stakeholders like freelancers, clients, etc.
    • Collaborate to communicate and get to market faster by integrating with channels like email, Slack, etc.
    Systematic approval workflow

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