The easiest online tool to make videos.  Work in teams or work solo.  Make a video for every moment, every content, everything!

Publish directly on Facebook through a smart integration!

Link your Facebook Business Account to the all-in-one Rocketium workspace. Launch campaigns, and publish from Facebook.

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Sync creatives directly to Facebook

Run massive Facebook campaigns by directly syncing your campaign assets. Eliminate duplication, redundant recreation. Directly edit on Ad Manager and be campaign ready, in a fraction of original timelines.

Invygo: Multilingual videos at scale

UAE-based car subscription giant, Invygo, creates Arabic variants of its English video ads within seconds using Rocketium’s multi-lingual capabilities. They have been able to customize the font they use as well as the styling of these copies with customized templates.

Create multiple ad sets and ads to improve targeting and A/B tests

Personalize ads in your ad sets to suit different audience segments and run experiments to understand the best messaging for various segments. Run A/B tests even at smaller segments, and win with higher CTRs.

OkCredit: Hyper-personalization at scale

OkCredit tailors models and messages for each segment to improve relevance, especially for multilingual audiences.

Get analytics on creative performance

Forget shooting in the dark with your creative campaigns. Get customized analytics on creative performance delivered to your workspace. Take immediate actions and relaunch fresh ad sets, to unlock better performance with zero downtimes.

Automatic placements and size mapping

Minimize repetitive work in campaign operations with automatic ad placement as per performance history as well as size mapping to suit platform requirements.

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Design resource crunch coming in the way of campaign success?

Let our automation consultants hear you out and prescribe the right course for your marketing and design teams!