Struggling with Video Creation?

Video creation can be quite intimidating. Our latest book aims to make video creation easy, and help you make engaging videos for social media, irrespective of design skill or experience.

ebook - how to make engaging videos for social media

What's inside?

Importance of Videos on social media

Video has an impact across every industry – from e-commerce to real estate. The first part of this book includes few metrics and benchmarks highlighting the influence that video has in different industries, and why you should start making videos if you haven't already!

importance of engaging videos on social media
elements that are impactful on an engaging video social media

Most impactful elements of a video

There are 4 main elements of a video - typography, color, music and thumbnail. This part of the book contains tips and practices that you can follow to best combine these elements, and tell your story with maximum impact!

A/B testing with social videos

A/B testing or Split testing is a core part of Marketing. Through this book, you'll learn how to run A/B tests on videos, and how to select the best performing elements for your audience!

a/b testing and split testing to make engaging videos on social media

Who is this book for?

Digital Marketers

digital marketers need to make engaging videos on social media

Video creation is a vital part of social media marketing. Digital marketers who want to create a strong online presence for their brand, cannot ignore video. This book helps you create engaging videos and click worthy video ads for social media!

Brands with an Online Presence

brands with an online presence need to make engaging videos for social media

You can boost your existing online presence by scaling video production, and making different kinds of videos to reach out to a broader audience. This book will help your video production team scale videos without compromising on the quality!

Content Marketers

content marketers need to make engaging videos on social media

Content is a powerful way to drive organic traffic and establish your brand's credibility online. Though text is impactful, video has its own merits. This book will help you make social videos on your own, without depending on a design team!