Unleash the power of videos for Real Estate
Witness at least 2X growth in sales with Rocketium videos
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Why video marketing for Real estate
Currently only 4 out of 100 agents use videos but 25 out of 100 people watch a video before making the purchase. See the imbalance? Don't be left out, start making videos for your properties.
See why Rocketium is right for you
Listing videos
With Rocketium, agents can quickly combine personalized sales pitches with concise feature shots, driving excitement for each listing.
Neighbourhood tours
The neighborhood matters a lot before the purchase. Rocketium helps you make videos to capture the neighbourhod to boost your sale.
Customer testimonial
After the hard work of selling a home, interview the happy sellers or new owners at closing to make a powerful testimonial.
Videos by experts
Our design experts make three videos for you. (only with Expert plan).
Marketing consultation
We help you with social media promotion to maximise the reach of the videos. (only with Expert plan)
So now that you have decided to breathe life into your listings.
The when depends on you.
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