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The easiest online tool to make videos.  Work in teams or work solo.  Make a video for every moment, every content, everything!

Video Template Pack for Social Media

Social media is a great source of traffic and lead generation. Make engaging videos for different social media platforms to increase your online presence and grow brand awareness.

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Tips to make an engaging video on social media

It is important to create video content on social media that will capture the interest of the viewer and that would entice the viewer to watch the entire video. You must answer the basic question of what content you are looking for in your video. Is the tone inspirational? Is it humorous? Informative? Entertaining? Does it capture the essence of your business? Does it tell the story that you want it to? Decide on the mood of your video.

• Ideate

Brainstorm for different ideas by looking at top blogs posts, most shared content or popular videos online. Draw inspiration from every little thing that you can. Whether it is a music video or a business show. Gather your ideas together.

• Plan

After brainstorming, pick one that works best for your business and plan for it.

• Record

Record the video or the different parts to tell your story.

• Edit

Use a template to edit and put together the videos and give it a good format that is catchy and sends the right message. Great work on recording your video clips! Now, let’s put them together.

• Share

Share the video on social media.

Cater to a global audience

Go global and attract social media users from all over the world. Translate existing videos to over 100 non-English, vernacular languages.

Rocketium has built an advanced language translation tool powered by machine learning algorithms, to accurately translate your videos into multiple languages spoken around the globe.

Get Started

Customise this video template for your brand

Add your brand's logo and include a custom intro or outro to this video template.

Choose a custom color for the text, highlights, background and animations.

Upload and use your brand's font in this video to ensure branding through typography is maintained.

How to use this template to make social media videos?

Step 1.

Click here to apply this template, or visit the Dashboard to create a new video.

Step 2.

Upload photos and video footage of the past events or search from our library.

Step 3.

Add relevant text, call-to-actions and style it as needed.

Step 4.

Select a theme built just for this template.

Step 5.

Add your logo and brand colors.

Step 6.

Publish video and share to social or your website.


Can I edit a video after making it?

Yes, you can continue to edit to your video after generating it.

Do you have collaboration? Can I work in teams?

Yes! You can invite your colleagues to work in teams and make videos together. You can send each other in-app messages, assign videos, get them reviewed, and track team performance in real time.

How can I share the video with my client to review it?

You can invite your client to a team. They can then view the video and add comments either by tagging an individual team member or a particular scene number.

If I do not have many images or video clips, what do I do?

Rocketium integrates with royalty free stock asset providers like Shutterstock, Pexels, Pixabay, Soundstripe and Lobster. You can access over 2B of these images and video footage from the Rocketium library and add them to your video. Read more about our content collection here ->