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Make attractive outros for your social media videos

Use this template to add flair to your social media videos. Outros determine what action your viewers will take after watching the video.

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How to make a good outro

The outro scene is a very vital element of your video. Here are some tips to make engaging outros for your social media videos.

Make outro video

1. Use the right template

Making outros is nothing less than fine arts. Make sure to use a template that wows your users.

2. Brand your outro video

Use Rocketium to add brand assets like logo, font, colors, custom clips, videos, animations, etc.

3. Make it short and simple

Last but not least, make your outro short and simple- leaving the fleshy details aside - to capture your viewer's attention

4. Develop your own style that works

Customise this template to add your own elements. Run experiments, optimize, repeat.

5. Add a clear CTA (call-to-action)

The outro scene of your video should push the viewer to complete an action after watching the video.

How to write a good CTA

The importance of a CTA (call-to-action) to finish any video cannot be overemphasized enough. This is the place where you prompt your viewer to take definite steps or action. CTA's like 'call us' or 'email for more information' may work for some but not for everyone.

1. Ask a question

Invite viewers to join the conversation with your brand’s Twitter handle or a dedicated hashtag. This is a great way to engage with your target audience over social media.

2. Encourage voting

Run a simple poll on social media networks, like FB and IG, asking viewers to vote on something they really care about. This will boost engagement and generate great interest.

3. Sign up for other events

Organize events (webinars, seminars, podcasts, talks) to highlight the key areas of your product/service. Add a CTA to include in the outro of your IG or FB video to increase attendees.

Drive measurable results by making videos for social media

Statistics suggest that social media videos on Facebook, Instagram, IGTV, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat get more engagement than text and static images put together. Well-made outros can ensure that your target audience can now take a desirable action after watching your video.

• Engaging videos with great outro encourages more views, comments, and tags which allows you to get noticed on various social media platforms.

• Rocketium’s social media outro template allows you to access a range of dynamic styles with excellent features to increase legibility and make outros fun as well as attention-grabbing.

• Rocketium is your one-stop video editing solution for creative and engaging outro content for social media videos.

How to make an outro video for social media?

Step 1

Click here to apply this template, or visit the Dashboard to create a new video.

Step 2

Upload photos and video footage of the past events or search from our library.

Step 3

Add relevant text, call-to-actions, and style it as needed.

Step 4

Select a theme built just for this template.

Step 5

Add your client’s logo and brand colors. This helps your viewers identify your brand, and increases the brand recall rate.

Step 6

Publish video and share to your client’s social media handles directly. Rocketium lets you connect your accounts for instant sharing.

Here are some examples of outro videos made using this template:

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Don’t have a need to create videos in bulk? Check out Rocketium Studio. It is a fully-customizable DIY online video creation platform. Access billions of royalty-free media assets, over 300 animations, and built-in templates for multiple industries and use-cases.

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