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  • Free Video Template for Social Media Outros

    Use this free video template to add a CTA (Call-To-Action) and promote your social handles in the outros for your videos.

    Make Outro Video

    Importance of having a CTA in your video

    If your viewer has seen your video till the end, they’re highly engaged. Tap into their level of interest, and give them a task. By adding a CTA (Call-To-Action) in the last scene, you can decide what this task should be.

    Here are some ideas for actions your viewer can take:
    • Ask your viewers a question, and prompt them to comment their answer
    • Get viewers to signup for a contest or online event with free giveaways
    • Sign up for a free trial
    • Register for a webinar or an upcoming podcast
    • Prompt viewers to fill up a form and give them a resource, like an e-book, or a white-paper in return

    Choose from multiple variants and themes

    This template comes with a collection of multiple themes. You can also edit the font, colors, and animations to match your brand's assets and design guidelines.

    Make Outro Video

    How to make an outro with CTA for social media videos?

    Step 1.

    Click hereto apply this template, or visit the Dashboard to create a new video.

    Step 2.

    Add the names of your social media handles

    Step 3.

    Select a relevant theme

    Step 4.

    Choose a font style and color palette that resonates with your beand

    Step 5.

    Publish video and save it in your Dashboard

    Step 6.

    Download the MP4 file and upload it to your video

    How to make a good outro

    The outro scene is a very vital element of your video. Here are some tips to make engaging outros for your social media videos.

    Make outro video

    1. Use the right template

    Making outros is nothing less than fine arts. Make sure to use a template that wows your users.

    2. Brand your outro video

    Use Rocketium to add brand assets like logo, font, colors, custom clips, videos, animations, etc.

    3. Make it short and simple

    Last but not least, make your outro short and simple- leaving the fleshy details aside - to capture your viewer's attention

    4. Develop your own style that works

    Customise this template to add your own elements. Run experiments, optimize, repeat.

    How to write a good CTA

    The importance of a CTA (call to action) to finish any video cannot be overemphasized enough. This is the place where you prompt your viewer to take definite steps or action. CTA's like 'call us or email for more information' may work for some but not for everyone.

    1. Ask a question

    Invite viewers to join the conversation with your brand’s Twitter handle or a dedicated hashtag. This is a great way to engage with your target audience over social media.

    2. Encourage voting

    Run a simple poll on social media networks, like FB and IG, asking viewers to vote on something they really care about. This will boost engagement and generate great interest.

    3. Sign up for other events

    Organize events (webinars, seminars, podcasts, talks) to highlight the key areas of your product/service. Add a CTA to include in the outro of your IG or FB video to increase attendees.

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