The easiest online tool to make videos.  Work in teams or work solo.  Make a video for every moment, every content, everything! The easiest online tool to make videos.  Work in teams or work solo.  Make a video for every moment, every content, everything!
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  • Sell more by making E-commerce product videos online

    Increase your conversion rate and sales by a whopping 64% by making engaging video ads for your e-commerce products. Perfect for sales offers.

    Make Product Video


    of shoppers watch Ecommerce product videos online

    68 mil

    internet users view videos on the social media network, Facebook


    is the projected market share of U.S. video ad spending


    is the penetration of digital video as of 2019 (current)

    Customize the video ad to increase brand awareness

    Maximize the credibility with your audience by adding your brand's logo,font,colors and custom intro and outro scenes.

    Make Video Ads

    Upload your own logo

    Etch your brand's logo in the users memory from the video ad.

    Pick your own font

    Add your own font and establish your brand's typography throughout

    Choose a color palette

    Pick from the myriad of colors and make a vibrant video ad and claim it your own!

    Boost your revenue with 73% more social shares and engagement

    Your video needs to be branded, especially if it is being shared on social media. The video needs to put your product in context by showing why the viewer cannot resist buying it.

    Businesses are looking for new ways to win the trust of their users by evoking certain emotions in their hearts and minds. Statistics show that videos are the best suited for that purpose.

    Reach as many people as possible in your target audience by making video ads using this template. You can also share it on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube.

    Make video ads in over 100 different languages

    Only 55% of the internet is in the English language. Broaden your outreach to non-English users by making video content in vernacular languages. With the aid of Rocketium’s built-in translator, you can create videos in over 100 different languages.

    By choosing advanced targeting methods on Facebook and Instagram, show non-English users videos in their native language.

    Types of E-commerce video advertisements on social media

    Instagram is the leading social media network for companies to promote their businesses. 70% of the companies have grown a liking towards it.

    You can create videos in different sizes for Instagram.
    • Carousel video ads (600*600 to 1080*1080)
    • Instagram stories (recommended resolution: 1080*1920)
    • Instagram TV videos (9:16 aspect ratio)

    Snapchat is another great platform for video advertisements.
    • 10-second video (9:16 aspect ratio)
    • Long video ad (at least 15 seconds in 1080*1920 resolution)

    Youtube is the undisputed king of videos on social media and lays a fertile ground for video advertisements.
    • Standard Youtube videos,
    • Full-sized skippable and unskippable ads,
    • Mid-roll advertisements,
    • Bumper video advertisements(about 6 seconds)

    How to use this video template to make E-commerce product ads

    Step 1

    Click here to apply this template, or visit the Dashboard to create a new video.

    Step 2

    Upload images and video clips, or search from over 2 billion visual assets in the library.

    Step 3

    Add text and relevant CTAs, and style as needed.

    Step 4

    Select a theme and customize this template for your brand.

    Step 5

    Add your logo and brand colors. This helps your viewers identify your brand, and increases the brand recall rate.

    Step 6

    Publish the video and share it to your social media handles directly. Rocketium lets you connect your accounts for instant sharing.

    Automate video creation: Rocketium Code

    Use Rest APIs to create videos like this from pre-built templates. Either pull existing data from your database, or set-up a form on your website to capture data in real-time, and use it to make videos with the click of a button. Perfect for e-commerce websites.

    Make videos online: Rocketium Studio

    Don’t have a need to create videos in bulk? Check out Rocketium Studio. It is a fully-customizable DIY online video creation platform. Access billions of royalty-free media assets, over 300 animations, and built-in templates for multiple industries and use-cases.

    Embed our video editor: Rocketium Button

    Embed Rocketium’s video editor on your website and monetize. White-label our DIY video creation platform and allow your users to make videos on your website. No Rocketium branding. Fully customizable experience for your users.

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