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Digital Postcard Video Template For Marketers

Digital marketers create video postcards to generate leads, cultivate return business, close sales and introduce new products. Use this template to make a digital postcard in minutes.

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Tips on How to Optimise your Postcard Video for Users on Social Media

1) Keep it Short – The videos that customers engage with and are shared the most are shorter than one minute. Social media users want content which can be consumed quickly, and making a long video may result in a user closing the video in the middle of your message.

2) Make it Interesting – Consumers, these days, are looking to be entertained along with being informed. Use beautiful imagery and tight editing to grab hold of the viewer’s attention.

3) Reserve your Brand Name for the End – Instead of starting the social media video with your brand name, you should utilize the opening seconds to catch the user’s attention. Display your brand at the end when signing off, to maximize consumer retention.

4) A lot of Viewers Watch Videos on Silent – In order to engage with users who consume videos without sound, you should include closed captions and make use of visual cues and infographics wherever possible. Remember that certain social media platforms silence videos by default.

5) Tailor your Video to the Social Media Platform – Before posting your video on any platform, you should ensure you have optimized the content to suit the features of the platform as well as its audience. For example, YouTube viewers are more likely to watch a longer video than a Twitter user.

Make video postcards in multiple languages for users from all around the globe

A recent study reported that 91% of users react positively to a video in their native language, whether it is on social media or on email.

Rocketium lets you make postcard videos in multiple vernacular languages. Use this feature to your advantage and add videos in relevant language based on your audience.

Get Started

Customise this video template for your brand

Add your logo and include a custom intro or outro to this video template.

Choose a custom color for the text, highlights, background and animations.

Upload and use custom font in this video to ensure branding through typography is maintained.

How to apply the video postcard template to make a video?

Step 1.

Click here to apply this template, or visit the Dashboard to create a new video.

Step 2.

Upload your own photos and video clips or choose from over 2B+ royalty free assets

Step 3.

Add text, and style it as needed

Step 4.

Select a theme built just for this template

Step 5.

Add your brand’s logo and brand colors

Step 6.

Publish video and upload on social media


How can I share the video with my client to review it?

You can invite your client to a team. They can then view the video and add comments either by tagging an individual team member or a particular scene number.

Do you have collaboration? Can I work in teams?

Yes! You can invite your colleagues to work in teams and make videos together. You can send each other in-app messages, assign videos, get them reviewed, and track team performance in real time.

Can I edit a video after making it?

Yes, you can continue to edit to your video after generating it.

If I do not have many images or video clips, what do I do?

Rocketium integrates with royalty free stock asset providers like Shutterstock, Pexels, Pixabay, Soundstripe and Lobster. You can access over 2B of these images and video footage from the Rocketium library and add them to your video. Read more about our content collection here ->