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The easiest online tool to make videos.  Work in teams or work solo.  Make a video for every moment, every content, everything!

Style and make custom videos

Rocketium’s video editor has different styles and customizing options for every type of video – promos, video ads, product explainers, testimonials, and even listicles.

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Why Rocketium is the best video maker?

  • Impressive options

    200+ animation styles and customizing options for colors, music, fonts and motion graphics

    • Ability to add your own graphics or choose from pre-built ones
    • Multiple animation styles as well as design options
    Personalize your video
  • Color palette

    Add or create a custom color palette for your brand

    • You can build your own color palette by using hex codes or picking from the existing choices.
    • Save your palette as a custom theme.
    Manage your brand assets with Rocketium
  • Custom music

    Add your own music tracks

    • 10,000 existing tracks
    • you can upload your own MP3 files as background music for your video.
    Add music to your videos for free
  • Impressive fonts

    Use custom fonts in your videos

    • Not satisfied with the 100+ options of available fonts?
    • Bring in your own fonts by uploading the font file to Rocketium
    Add custom fonts using Rocketium now!

Are you ready to make videos at scale?