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Why Rocketium is effective video ad creator for online news publishers

  • Custom Templates

    Preset breaking news templates to broadcast your video stories

    • Skillful animations and smart fonts
    • Make news videos in multiple aspect ratios
    • break your news in 3x traction
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  • Multilingual vidoes

    Local news videos in non-English languages

    • Increase the reach of your stories
    • News maker in multiple languages
    • Over 200 local non-English native languages
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  • Brand videos

    Create a buzz around your brand

    • Make your own news and boost brand awareness
    • Increase traffic by enhancing recollection rate
    • Add logos, color palette, music, fonts, intro and outro to your videos
  • Improve conversions

    Boost newsletter signups by 2x

    • Run targetted video campaigns
    • Make breaking news from existing articles
    • Drive traffic from social media to articles
  • Improve market standing

    Beat your competition by scaling video production

    • Breaking news video maker with API integrated automation
    • Leave no room for competition
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  • Multi-channel distribution

    Repurpose same video for different channels

    • Create a breaking news video template in multiple aspect ratios
    • Distribute them across different platforms

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