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The easiest online tool to make videos.  Work in teams or work solo.  Make a video for every moment, every content, everything!

Creative production re-defined for marketing teams

Create, optimize, store & distribute banner and video creatives in an organized manner for faster time to market for all your campaigns.

Leading businesses that trust Rocketium

How Rocketium helps Marketers

  • Brings together marketing teams from across the globe.

    Marketing team working in silos collaborate to create & publish campaigns at a faster pace.

    • Easy to use solutions for non-designers to make visual creatives
    • Collaborate at a global scale using organized visual creatives.
    • Localization of creatives to attune to native requirements.
  • Faster time to market

    On-brand custom templates to generate variants to banners & videos at a faster scale for all campaign requirements.

    • Stressfree handling of multiple campaigns simultaneously with on-brand creatives.
    • Publish campaigns faster to meet the marketing KPI's without breaking a sweat.
    • Update visual creatives instantly to make changes as per the performance of the creatives.
  • Create a finer access control

    Manage the design, production, and review pipeline of visual creatives smartly with role-based access control.

    • Assign roles & open features and assets relevant to the role in the design pipeline.
    • Set clear guidelines on assets usage to be followed by each stakeholder.
    • Reuse assets to avoid redundant design work for marketing campaigns.
  • Automate the publishing workflow

    Use our custom integrations to automate the process of publishing visual creatives to desired platforms.

    • Out of the box integrations with common publishing and storage platforms.
    • Collaborate easily with cross-functional teams for reviews and approvals.
    • Eliminate manual handling of visual creatives and get rid of versioning hassles.
  • Speed up reviews and approvals

    Built-in workflows for the approval process to manage the unnecessary back & forth on creatives within the team.

    • Eliminate digression from brand guidelines through custom branded templates.
    • Add comments on each creative offering feedback for teams to work on.
    • Chat-based interface for teams to collaborate on feedback and inputs on visual creatives.
  • Personalize campaigns at scale

    Hyper-personalize your messaging through visual creatives made at scale for each cohort or for each user.

    • Feed your existing data to automate the creation of personalized videos and banners.
    • Improve metrics along the user journey through relevant on-brand visual content.
    • Experiment with creatives to choose the best performing banner or video.

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