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Built to support high-performing campaigns with an intuitive size adapt engine, spreadsheet-based auto-creation of content, bulk styling functionality, as well as one-click design presets.

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Create adapts and manage versions

Create content adapts, across sizes and content variations. Launch and edit in bulk, as well as manage these versions with an intuitive UI built for large-scale, high-impact campaigns. Create and iterate on duplicates in real-time.

Groww auto-generates banners in over 30 sizes for its GDN campaigns

Once base sizes are set, Rocketium’s AI engine automatically resizes all elements in a banner and adjusts it according to the shape and size of the artboard in chosen dimension. Adopting Rocketium has made Groww’s entire production process for GDN ads over 30 times faster!

Scale content with a spreadsheet

Once your key visual is ready – wave the magic wand with a spreadsheet and create all the adapts you need. Use assets stored in the DAM to have the message tailored for a specific set of audiences, create multilingual adapts, or just experiment till you get the right message across. All with just a click.

Instant offer roll out on 1000+ brands: Purplle

Purplle, known for its largescale sale campaigns, creates and updates offers on products from over 1000 brands instantly, through spreadsheet imports. They have noticed a 6X improvement in go-live time while changing offer values for a large catalog of products.

Create and save styles for one-click access

Last-minute campaign launches? Use styles from winning campaigns and auto-generate multiple banners in minutes. Have marketers and brand experts self-serve last-mile requirements, without overstepping brand guidelines.

Bulk editing to make dynamic pricing edits: bigbasket

The bigbasket app has a wide range of banners highlighting city-based discount offers on varied products. These prices differ based on region, and inventory among other factors. The team multi-selects required banners and makes changes to dynamically edit prices to live campaign creatives, with 20X faster TAT on the banners.

Win with the AI Copywriter

Use the AI copywriter to generate taglines and copies or use keywords to edit your copy. Either way, ensure that different audience segments receive personalized, on-point copies suited for their preferences.

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