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The easiest online tool to make videos.  Work in teams or work solo.  Make a video for every moment, every content, everything!

Rocketium for agencies

Re-define and strengthen the creative flow. Host all of your product and creative assets in one place to engage better with the team and clients. Maximize ROI from creative campaigns with minimized delay, time and costs.

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  • Unified design solution using Rocketium's API

    Leverage the power of Rocketium's API to programmatically generate and manage creative assets at scale.

    • Build custom workflows using the suite of Rocketium's REST API and SDKs.
    • Personalize design and automate distribution across multiple channels.
    More on how to automate the visual content process
  • Whitelabel the powerful end-to-end creative solution

    Fully supported product. From easy set-up to custom hosted domains and workspace, adopt the solution without having to building one.

    • Re-organize the creation wheel by customizing our product with your own brand, logo and identity.
    • Co-build your way to the most cost-effective solution by catering to multiple clients at a time using one solution.
    Know more about our whitelabel solution
  • Security to better manage creative assets

    Breakfree from the clutter of lost files, asset requests on managing internal team and multiple clients at a time. Centralize and secure the access to creative assets.

    • Offer flexible DAM solution as a service to clients to secure and manage their intellectual property.
    • Set up customized workflow to manage all the digital assets with relevant tags to filter without any external support or help.
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Industry clients belong to and scale is never a barrier, ever again

  • Technology/IT services

    • Customized solutions to enable recruiters create on-brand visual creatives to attract top talents on social media.
    • Build engaging narratives through videos for client visits, websites, and sales pitch.
    • Create brand awareness through social media using creatives for announcements, events, and insights.
  • News and media

    • News videos in various aspect ratios for the app and website.
    • Localized video content to serve videos in multiple languages.
    • Maximize engagement and traffic to the website with bite-sized news videos for social media.
  • Digital marketing agencies

    • Create rich, engaging visual content at scale to maximize ROI from ads.
    • Create an organizational structure to manage the creative assets of multiple clients.
    • Ensure brand consistency in creatives across both in-house and clients.
  • Real estate

    • Automate the production of property and project videos for client showcase.
    • Enable real estate agents to create property listing videos for ads and products page.
    • Set up a custom workflow to enable self-service tools for user-generated content.

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