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The easiest online tool to make videos.  Work in teams or work solo.  Make a video for every moment, every content, everything!

Boost customer retention rate using hyper-relevant remarketing banners

Automate the banner creation process with relevant offers to remarket to customers who have made a purchase with the brand in the past to increase customer retention rate.

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Why automate banner creation?

  • Supercharge customer retention rate using personalized re-marketing ad banners.

    Use Rocketium software to automate the creation of banners to remarket to existing customers to increase customer retention rate.

    • Design banners based on the purchase history of the customer to drive conversion.
    • Use remarketing with banners to promote complementary products to existing customers.
    • Re-engage with existing customers with personalized banners created in multiple aspect ratios.
  • Create banners to target existing customers with offers to promote across multiple platforms, in one go

    Automate the creation of templates with complete control over elements of template & less dependency on the design team.

    • Make minute changes to the banner design including change in color, text & message, instantly with our easy to edit software.
    • Create banners in 100+ languages, instantly
    • Ensure brand compliance by defining brand assets like color, font, messaging.
  • Reach & convert more customers with re-marketing banners.

    Provide an easy-to-use platform for sellers to create image & videos to promote their products & discounts.

    • A re-marketing campaign to re-engage existing customers in minutes.
    • Strategize, plan, design & set up the campaign in minutes not days.
    • Double the ROI with minimal spend & maximum impact by re-marketing through personalized banners.

How to use product banner maker software?

  • 1. Create template

    Your design team creates image templates using your brand assets. Or we can create them for you.

  • 2. Upload template

    You can upload custom templates into Rocketium's banner maker software.

  • 3. Upload content

    You can upload contents from our easy-to-use editor, CSV, Spreadsheet or JSON to create product banners automatically

  • 4. Your creatives are ready

    That's it. We will work our magic to create web banners for all your requirements: various sizes, multilingual, A/B variants, etc.

Turbocharge your customer retention rate with Rocketium