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What is zoom lens?

In a digital camera, a zoom lens lets you select any focal length, within the lens range. It changes the angle view and magnifying power based on the zooming range selected. This gives you a wide-angle view that captures the wide expanse of a scene. When you zoom on an object the field view of the particular narrows and you can focus on that portion of the scene without having to move actually closer to the object. It has variable focal length, which means that you can conveniently adjust the focal length and you don’t have to keep changing the lens. It can range from wide-angle to standard to telephoto lens. Want to know the zoom measurement, they are a number alongside X, to give an example 3X and 10X larger the number, the higher the zoom. But not every camera’s zoom measurement will be the same.

What is focal length?

Focal length is the distance from the middle of the lens to the focal point. It can range from a wide landscape to a small object.

What are the different types of zoom lens?

Digital zoom
Digital camera here captures the image, then crops the image then magnifies the image to create an artificial close-up photo. This process consists of magnifying the pixel causing distortion of the image and degrading the image quality. The same can be done using normal editing software.
Optical zoom-Unlike the digital zoom, this measures the actual increase in the focal length. With optical zoom, you will have a smooth zoom. You can stop at any time for a partial zoom. This is a better option than digital zooming.