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What is a Voiceover?

Voiceover is a technique of video production where a voice that is not part of the narration is used. It could be in documentaries, television programs, movies, or any other kind of presentation.

Voiceover should not be confused with removing of dialogues in one language and adding a translation of the dialogues in another dialogue, which is called dubbing.

What are the techniques to record a Voiceover?

1. Character devices are used to give personalities and voice to characters. This helped radios in the 1920s to expand into talk-shows and shoes with fictional storylines.
2. Creative devices are used to create an effect of storytelling. Voiceovers are associated with film noir, voiced mainly by men.
3. Educational and descriptive devices are used for television news, where often clips of noteworthy events are shown with a voiceover by the reporter or the newsreader. This is also applicable for documentaries.
4. Commercial devices are used for advertisements on television and radio. The voice industry works with the advertising industry to create high-quality branding.