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What is Video Resolution?

Video resolutions are the number of lines that a video has horizontally stacked on top of the other. For a video of 1080p, there are 1080 horizontal lines each being 1920 pixels wide. Higher resolution means the number of horizontal lines is also high. It creates a sharper and better image.

A 1080p resolution means that there are 1080 horizontal pixel lines, each being 1920 pixels wide.

Types of Video Resolution

1. 360p: In 360p there are 360 horizontal lines which are 480 pixels wide. It is mainly suitable for mobile devices because of its low data consumption. It might appear blurry on wider screens.

2. 480p: In 480p there are 480 horizontal lines that are 720 pixels wide. DVDs support this resolution.

3. 720p: HD starts at 720p. Most of the HD channels broadcast at 720p.

4. 1080p: 1080p is the resolution for true HD.

5. 4K Resolution: 4K resolution refers mainly to two screen resolutions of 3840X2160 and 4096X2160. This provides 4 times the resolution of 1080p resolution.