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What is Video Rendering?

Video rendering is the process by which the computer processes information from a coded data source in order to produce and display an video. Everything displayed on the computer screen is being rendered in real time. It means that the computer is collecting all the coded data quickly to display it on the screen.

Video Rendering is done with the help of certain software like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects

Types of Video Rendering

1. Pre-rendering: here speed does not play a major factor. The main aim is to achieve photorealism. There are no dedicated graphics but multi-core processing units. They are often used in animation and visual effects.

2. Real-time rendering: This is one of the prominent rendering techniques used for interactive videos. Here time is the major factor. Gaming and interactive videos need to be done at a rapid pace. Due to high user interaction, real-time images are needed. There is a need for dedicated graphics for real-time rendering.

Techniques used for Video Rendering

1. Scanline: This is an algorithm for determining the visible surface. It works on row by row basis rather than polygon by polygon where each polygon is used for making 2D computer graphics and the video is rendered in a wide frame or pixel by pixel.

2. Raytracing: Here the computer creates the final image, by examining the light sources in the image and calculating the paths of the rays produced by those lights.

3. Radiosity: Here the algorithm analyses in detail the light reflection off diffuse surfaces. They give soft gradual shadows. They give a high photorealistic image.