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What is Video on Demand?

Video-on-demand (VoD) is a programming system that allows users to select and watch videos that they want instead of watching the scheduled broadcast that is being shown.

Functionality of Video on Demand

VoD system provides users with features similar to that of portable media players and DVD players. Cable TVs have started their own versions of VoD using apps and giving access to any devices that have access to the internet. In-flight entertainment also uses VoD.

Types of Video-on-demand

1. Transactional: In transactional video-on-demand, users have to pay for each individual content.

2. Catch-up TV: Catch-up TV enables users to view television shows hours, days, months or years after the original broadcast.

3. Subscription VoD: As the name suggests subscription VoD follows a subscription video model. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime is a type of subscription VoD where users pay a certain amount of fee for a period of time which gives them access to videos that they can view anytime.