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What is Video Monetization?

Outside of banking, Monetization means to earn money. When you earn money from videos, it is referred to as Video Monetization. On Youtube, you can earn money by enabling ads on your channel. Businesses pay Youtube channels to play video ads before, after or during their video content. If your YouTube channel is popular enough, Youtube will share a part of the revenue with you if you’re able to generate more traffic for businesses.

Businesses pay Youtube channels to play video ads before, after or during their video content

You can also earn income through your videos by embedding clickable ads within the video. Another interesting way to monetize videos is to sell your videos. This depends on what type of videos you make, for example, you can create video reviews for businesses and ask for sponsorship.

There are 3 ways of Video Monetization

Youtube is not the only source to monetize your videos, you can earn money through your social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

1. Advertising: here your video content can be viewed for free, but this video will have advertisements before, after or during the video

2. Subscription: here you can have your viewers pay for a monthly or annual subscription to access the video content. You can think of Netflix and Amazon Prime as other subscription-based online streaming platforms.

3. Transactional: here you can enable your viewers to pay for individual videos and footages. Video footage can also be sold to businesses, like how Shutterstock or Getty does.